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– They keep sending me their messages. – Hi, I’m Shannon from Dubb and in this guide we’re going to cover everything you need to know to make effective email campaigns that leverage video. Step one, identify your goals. Before you begin building your campaign it’s important to write down your goals. This allows you and your team to clearly establish the path forward for your email marketing. Your strategy should be tailored to your goal whether it’s to get sign-ups or to bring exposure to an e-book. – Who, what, when, where, how. Who, what, when, where and how. – Overall think about your goals in the context of building a movement around your business. – There are some companies that have newsletters that are so good that people go outta their way to subscribe to them and they cannot wait to get the content that gets sent to them.

Try to be one of those types of companies because then your list grows organically and you have a broader and larger audience to be able to cater and market to. – Step two, opt-in or nothing. There are no shortcuts in email marketing. I know that is sometimes hard to hear. However, methods that involve acquiring emails that are not opt-in can be more detrimental than you think. Build up a subscriber base with social media content that promotes your email list. Opt-in subscriptions are the only way to get real results. You’ll thank me later. – Sending me something when I’m not on their list. – Oh, yeah. Like, what’s an email that you open? – Um, if it’s like a survey and I can get a gift card. – Your domain reputation is sacred. Don’t take risks doing bad email practices. It’s just not worth it.

Build up an organic list. People will appreciate you for it, I promise. – Step three, create video content. When creating content for your emails prioritize video. Text, graphical, and audio content are all formats that are important. That being said video should be the centerpiece in your content ecosystem. And there’s a good reason for that. Video has been proven to keep people engaged while building relationships that last. People just prefer watching videos. It’s effective when graphical and text content in emails is used in conjunction with videos that provide value while also fostering curiosity. Use animated gifs with a play button inside your emails to get people to click on your videos. – Go to, click upload if you wanna upload a file. Or, paste the YouTube link. We recommend gifs in emails being less than 2 megs. Two to three seconds in sufficient. – Keep in mind, the first few seconds of the video should hook viewers as much as possible. – People are overwhelmed with information right now.

Our inboxes are completely flooded. Put really good content, completely transparent about what you’re offering and what you’re selling. People will appreciate you. – Step four, package the email. Take time to optimize the way that you package an email. Tell people what you are offering them in the subject line. They can’t predict what is on the other side of an email. Make sure to be clear and honest every step of the way. – Be completely transparent about what you’re offering and how you can provide value. And don’t forget to say what you’re offer is in the subject line. – Just use video in your subject line, right? – Boom, that’s it. – Just the word video, right? – Put the word video in your subject line and mean it. Of course have a video. – So you have to have, actually have the video in there. – If you’re gonna put video in the subject line you’d better have a video in the email. – Right.

Format the graphics and text in an aesthetically pleasing way. Good design inside the email and on your landing page can help increase conversions. Also remember to format your emails for mobile devices. Don’t be surprised if 80 to 90% of your engagement is on mobile. The more you optimize, the better. Step 5, build the funnel. See your email sequence as a funnel. Read subject line, opened email, read email see call to action, click, view landing page, and so on. When the goal of your email is to get conversions developing your landing page is key. It’s been proven that using a video on your landing page is the best way to capture leads and build your brand. In fact, our data shows that putting a video on a landing page cane increase conversions by up to 300%.

Step six, data tracking. Look at all of the data that you can find. Open rates can be helpful to show you the impact of your subject line. Conversion rates can reveal the impact of your content. Use pixels and add analytics tracking on landing pages. Get excited about unsubscribe rates. That improves your data and shows that your email is healthy. Only delivering to those who want to read it. – Here’s a really good tactical trick. Send a high value email and direct people to a video landing page. On that landing page, have your retargeting pixels from Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and Google. The good thing about retargeting is that you can follow people as they browse the web and send more high value content and only pay for the clicks. – Step seven, A/B testing.

Test everything because often what you think doesn’t work will end up working the best. Do single variant A/B testing to find solutions. Single variant test that just focus on one aspect of the formatting or design is the only way to reveal exactly how to develop your strategy. The more A/B tests that you do the more impact your emails will have. – A/B test your subject lines. Don’t just pick one, pick two and every time you do another campaign, try a different set and then find the one that really speaks to your audience and to your persona. – Step eight, personalize your emails. Build a relationship by sending your campaigns from a person instead of a company account. Use a personal email signature and maybe even consider adding your phone number or a google voice number. Also, consider making a gravatar. A lot of inboxes use the gravatar service to display thumbnails. Link the social media accounts of your team to build a community.

Make sure to add general contact info and adhere to anti spam laws. In general, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the laws that prevent spam in email marketing. Step nine, timing the send. Carefully consider the time of day that you select to send your email campaign. Send times can vary based on the audience that you’re catering to, seasonality, volume of emails being sent and a variety of other factors. Take what you read on the internet with a grain of salt because industry metrics are changing at a fast rate due to advancements in technology. The best thing you can do is conduct your own research and then try different send times to see what works. If you follow those nine steps you’re off to a great start boosting your email campaigns. Now, here’s several effective options for types of emails that you can send. Automated emails. Dropbox does an excellent job of emailing people who have shown interest in their software but have not fully installed the program.

By sending an automated email to those who are inactive you have a chance to lure them back to your services again. Webinar announcements. An effective way to be seen as a leader in your niche is to run a webinar where you can showcase your knowledge. HubSpot does this well by illustrating how you will benefit from watching and includes a strong call to action with scarcity to get people to sign-up. Welcome emails. Buffer does this quite nicely by sending you a welcome email with methods of contact should you have any problems. Even just a simple email that introduces yourself is enough to establish a relationship with your customer. Include links to any valuable content you want to share and also include links to your website and social media. Announcement emails. An easy way to notify your subscribers about big changes within your company is to send out an announcement email. This keeps everyone in the loop and reminds your subscribers why they wanted to sign-up in the first place.

Postmates does the announcement email seamlessly targeting users locally with new deals and discounts for deliveries. They also attach new features and opportunities within the same email to keep their users engaged. Free trial emails. For those new subscribers sending them a promo or an option for a free trial is a great way to get them into your ecosystem. Kiss metrics does this well by sending out a VIP one to one demo that you can sign-up to use. It’s also useful just to give your perspective clients a one week demo of your product. You can also target your current subscribers with the chance to experience the premium version of your product for a week, showing them how life is a lot easier with the upgrade. Upcoming event emails. Of course you can use email marketing to promote an upcoming event. The trick with this is to use scarcity, urgency and value to incentivize your subscribers to take action. Send out a series of timed emails with a countdown as well as a notification on how limited the seats are. Every email needs to spark more and more urgency.

Vodofone has an awesome plan for event emails. They have a countdown clock and seamlessly set up their emails to create scarcity, urgency and extra value. Case study emails. Nothing convinces a person more to take action than social proof. Find a case study about your business that would relate to your target audience. Perfect audience has a great email campaign to notify you of all the well known business that use their product. So if they will, chances are others will too. Video emails. There’s nothing better than to include videos in your email marketing plan. Dubb does this perfectly by allowing its’ users to attach a gif preview of their video into the email with the play icon. Once the user clicks to play, it’ll actually play on the users custom video landing page. So those are some of the best types of emails that you can use for email marketing.

I hope these examples and our tips and tricks help you with your email marketing. And be sure to subscribe to all our channels for more videos. (gentle music) – Today we’re gonna be talking about how to send a video embedded directly in a Gmail email. Search for Dubb in the Chrome store. Once you’ve installed the Dubb Chrome extension and created an account, visit Gmail through your Chrome browser. Once you have a fresh compose window open in your Gmail you’ll notice that there is a small Dubb icon on the bottom. It allows you to access videos in your library. It allows you to record a video from your webcam. It allows you to upload a video. What I’d like to do today, is just to record a quick webcam video. Hey, it’s Ruben. Once you’ve added your video you can add the recipients email and add some personalization text that appears in the thumbnail both in your email and on the video page.

And boom, we have a video embedded into the body of a Gmail. The final step is to click that juicy little send button. That means to click that send button on the bottom left of your screen. Bye. – Morgan, I, who does tha, does, do people do, I mean my, I use inbox, well that’s a whole different story, but, that’s a challenge if you’re doing that, props to you. – Yeah. (loud beep) – Having fun, time for a great episode of video email. – We are in the vibe. (loud beep) – Emails don’t work without video. (hands clapping) – Is that a question or a statement? – That’s a clap moment. – Clapper. (loud beep) Here’s everything you need to know within the next six seconds and then you can stop watching this video. – No. – Ready, go. (laughing) (loud beep) – If you’re writing a business email and it doesn’t have some kind of video in it it’s not, it’s just not gonna work as well. I mean it’s just not.

– Yeah. (loud beep) – Text, text, text, they want something to blow their minds. They want something to really stimulate their mind (laughing) – Yeah. – You know they want something to like hey, surprise. (loud beep) And yeah, thank you for subscribing. Thank you for commenting. We really, really appreciate it as we grow this little community..

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