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The one thing most people regret in their old age I spent most part of my first two decades as a sickly boy. I suffered terrible rheumatism and there was a medical prophesy that I would die before age 18; the prophecy I honestly wished happened. But it didn’t (as you can guess that I’m older than 18). Instead of me dying at 18, after my 18th birthday, I started becoming abnormal. No. Not in a negative way. Instead, I started seeing life and death from a very different angle. While most people see risks as something that could hurt or kill them, I started seeing tough things and risky things as normal things because I no longer have much fear about death like most people do since I had gone through terrible health challenges and faced death many times in my first 17 years.

I’ll come back to this story and also share with you what I think is the single thing most people regret in their life. If you’re new here, consider subscribing so that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Here is the thing; the single thing most people regret in their old age is not taking enough risks when they were young. Look around you and you’ll see millions of adults. All these adults have lofty dreams. They wish they could dare life, pursue a new path and change the world. They want to live not just for money, but for a significant purpose but at the same time, right between them and their vision is a big and life-threatening mountain. What most people do is very simple; avoid the mountains. Live all your life in the valley. Don’t try difficult things. Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t put your health into risk. Don’t let your family suffer. From age 20 to 65, the default setting of most adults’ brain is; “take it easy”.

However, when these people get to 65 or 70 and look back at their life, something becomes very clear and that is; those mountains they avoided were not as high as they thought it was. The second thing these people discover is that failure isn’t a bad thing after all. Remember the words of Mark Twin Mark Twin said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” It doesn’t matter the mountains you climb and fall from. At the long run, the most memorable pains of your life will be about the mountains you avoid. If you doubt the wisdom in these words, wait for a second and I’ll prove it for you. Take a moment to look back at your life in the last one decade. Remember those difficult moments you had, what can you see? First, when you were expecting those moments, you actually thought that it would be your end or you thought that your world would crash if such things happened.

It may be a tough exam, an accident, a divorce or a business failure. But what happened after what you feared most actually happened? Two things; First, you discovered that it wasn’t as half as terrible as you thought it would be (so you have actually gone through more suffering anticipating a woe than what you suffered when the worst happened). The second thing you’ll notice is that you’re actually far more powerful than you think. Let me tell you my personal story. After recovering from rheumatism at age 17, I suddenly stopped giving attention to any fear because I felt that I’ve gone through one of the worst situations any child can go through and if I could survive such as a child, I can survive any other thing as adult and if the worst happens and I die, I still won’t lose anything (after all I’ve expected death all my childhood years).

With this mindset, nobody could caution me from pursuing my dreams. I went into the business world without money (I had something less than $100) and was determined to build a business or die trying. Today when I look back at terrible things I’ve been through (especially in my first 8 years in the business world), I wonder if that was me. Here is the truth; you’re 10 times more powerful than you can ever imagine. You can go through life’s difficulties and still come out strong. You can pursue your dreams and achieve them. Yes, you’ll fall. Yes, you’ll fail. Yes, you’ll be wounded. But you’ll come out stronger and smarter. No Regret for Actors When I decided to build my own company, my only brother warned me. He thought I could end my life in poverty, regret or even death. I agree with him on two of these. Yes, I could end my life in poverty. Yes, I could die. But one thing I was sure can never happen to me is regret. You see, actors don’t regret. You can know a soldier who dies in the battle. You can know a soldier who returned from the battle without a leg or an arm, but true fighters don’t cry because they are heroes. Don’t be deceived.

When you’re 70, your failures at the 20s and 30s will not matter at all. The falls you experienced while trying to climb big mountains won’t matter. The only thing that will matter and give you regrets are those mountains you avoided. Maya Angelou said, “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because, without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” If after pursuing my dream as an entrepreneur I die, I died as a hero and I’ll forever be proud of myself in the next world. If I ended up as a poor man, I would wake up every day with a smile because I had done what most people only dreamed of doing. But I didn’t die none end up poor. Instead, today I make more money than most people I know while I work lesser than all of them. I have the freedom to work at any time I want, with anyone I wish, for as long as I enjoy it. For me, its heaven right here on Earth.

You Have a Single Life When I look at most young people, my heart cries. I cry because I know that these people don’t know the nature of the world they are. Let me tell you what it is; it’s a place of no reverse. You can look back and reverse while driving. You cannot reverse in the journey of life. You don’t have a long period. You don’t have years. You don’t even have hours. You only have seconds, a few seconds. If you live till 70, that’s just 2.2 billion seconds. Half of these seconds, you’ll either be sleeping or resting (so you can’t count them as productive periods). You’ll spend another quarter of that, preparing for school, work or church, reading content online, chatting on social media and watching YouTube videos. What you have left is about 500 million seconds and every single one you waste is gone forever. If you understand that your life is terribly short, you will worry less about failures and what people will say.

See your life as an emergency trip through the earth planet because it is. If you want to live a meaningful life, you have to go through a lot of things (many of which will be tough). Because there are so many things you have to do, you can’t afford to wait and worry. Your life is urgent. It’s short. It’s an emergency trip. You have to be fast and brave. You have to dare mountains and believe that you can conquer them. You have to neglect those who seek to calm you down, tell you to take it easy because nobody calms down during an emergency. Everyone runs and acts when the time is short and so must you in your short life. Here is my final note; most of your mates will look back when they are 70 and regret that they allowed fear to stop them from daring life. Try as much as you can, to live a life that’s worthy of living. That’s a life that’s bold and courageous, a life that’s dedicated to a cause and determined to go through hell and deaths to make the world a better place. You have a few seconds to live.

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