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Hey, what’s going on guys Ssundee here and welcome back to some more Fortnite now last time when I uploaded it this game I asked you guys if you liked a solo, duo or squad gameplay a lot of you guys said a lot of different things so This video I sent Russell two different games He’s gonna edit them down how he thinks looks the best so there’s gonna be a solo game and a squad game A lot of sick kills in it so if you guys Enjoy hit the like button down below if you want more Fortnight videos hit the like button down below and yes Hope you guys enjoy this video. Alright, so let’s see what we’re coming in for hopefully the top left We’re coming from the top left.

I’m dropping Pleasant park. I love fled we’re coming from the bottom dang it I mean I guess we could drop fatal fields. It’s not too bad of a drop. Let’s do that Let’s drop fatal fields in bed now alright here. We go we dropped straight down so what you want to do I don’t know if I told you guys this before but as you’re dropping You see how there’s mountains all around me? you try to get to a point where it looks like it’s the lowest point and then your Umbrella drop so like look at that guy to my that. I’m looking at right now you see how much lower I am than him because he dropped over like a small mountain. There’s so many people here Gun in there slurp there got in here. No, okay, we got a blue assault rifle I Oh i allmost killed that guy he’s so low on health He jumped out he jumped out back. I think he died, okay What’s in here anything ammo crate OK we’ve grabbed this ammo crate.

I have a really good gun right now And there’s this chest up here. Let me grab this chest here. We go. Oh a drink Not a nice a purple drink. Okay. Let’s drink this So two rules there’s somebody there’s two people out there Hello, miss. I’m just drinking things. Miss don’t disturb me while I’m drinking Thanks. It’s not nice Okay So two general rules that I live by there’s a guy right out there Hold on let me put that there put that there put that there geez can I talk now people let’s run out here I’m gonna get some materials Like i was saying to general rules that I live by when I play this game one if you don’t have a shotgun Do not go in a house. I broke that rule Second rule if you’re gonna fight out in the open like where I’m at right now You have to have building materials if you don’t you are probably dead.

Oh, yeah, I forgot There’s a slurp in there you guys are ever seen that slurp right okay, sir sir, sir, let’s have a fair fight You shot me now. It’s my turn now. It’s my turn. Why did that place? You’re gonna Let me shoot you that’s not fair if you just shooting me oh right there here We go with a quick scope this guy show yourself. You little pansy there he is And he’s dead, okay, let me grab this slurp this will put me at full health so guys look at my health right now I’m at 83 health and zero armor There’s no way for me to get up to full health without a slurp or without a medkit that’s why that was really good for me to get I got to start moving to I got to go to the zone in a second second That was up shots are close Those shots are really close right over here right there As soon as you stop till dude as soon as you stop to heal Huh, okay, buddy use my smokes Let my shots okay, how much help that you have I hit you with a sniper shot, okay? Okay, nobody’s here oh My gosh a rocket launcher. Sorry smoke grenade.

You gotta go. Let me take this the scope They are over the sniper rifle dudes the scoped AR is the best gun in the game hands-down the best gun in the game the sniper is okay The scope they are is the best gun in the game, I don’t care who you are. I don’t care. What you say Let’s do this. Oh No okay, built built built built built building kill building kill building kill We’d build let me build on my backside just in case Yeah, that’s why I built on my backside somebody tried to snipe at me. I know you’re in that Hut I Know you’re in that Hut Listen miss I know you’re in there Hit her once hit her once. Okay, okay? I’m gonna use the scopedAR now ScopedAr this scopedAR is so broken I should just push her I Don’t want to use too many rockets here Where are you? I see you miss miss miss That was your fault guy on the guy ami guy ami, I wish I could build normal frickin stairs game One more shot, yes, okay, okay, I gotta run.

I gotta run. I gotta run Grab all this stuff grab all this stuff. I gotta move to the zone now. Let me reload all my guns, Jessie Corrado Listen there’s notice so far away Can you She’s gonna die here too that I Don’t even care about that. I’ll just build another wall Another medkit that’s perfect. I think I might take damage to this zone, but that’s fine another mech it let’s grab that alright Let’s get going actually I might I might be outrunning this zone No, I’m not JK. Mmm. I’m not I’m gonna take damage here Okay, okay. Here’s what I’m gonna. Do here’s remedy to here’s what I’m gonna Do I’m gonna build high feel very high up right and then place this there place this there and Then I’m gonna jump in I’m not gonna take damage because I use that I freakin love that that is so awesome Alright here. We go nobody up there. Oh Somebody right there all that’s a mushroom.

I Nene okay somebody shot him right there watch this Why aren’t those hating Okay as a shield you saw that I hit him twice with a shield is he gonna peek me yeah. He’s peeking me oh That’s the tree. I’m an idiot my brain my brain doesn’t work always right there, okay? Use me sir, you need a building permit to do what you’re doing You can blow up my walls all you want Yes, okay, he’s down. He’s down. He’s down So that’s what you got to do it whatever. They shoot rockets at you. They’re gonna blow up your front wall Okay, the zone is coming in I got a loo fast and run I do outrun legendary Okay, okay, okay. I gotta make a decision here. Do I want to take damage? For this I do I do I have to I have to I will be able to catch up to it though I’m drinking this to give me a shield wait I hear two I Don’t know if this was worth it I Gotta get it come on. I gotta use the healing at 22.

I’m gonna use it now I’m gonna use it now as soon as that hits the white it’s gonna do like five damage I think but I think I’m good. I think I’m good this is gonna Heal me up to full and Then I can make this let’s see how much damage just does once it hits the white I forgot I think it’s five I’m at 70 68 66 Yeah, that’s five. Oh my gosh Okay, we’re 50 we’re at 150 health. We’re good eight people left so at this point of the game You just want to play safe go to put a trap right there That trap is just for the means so you see how I’m playing right now. I’m constantly moving even when I’m scoped in looking I’m constantly moving that makes it much harder for snipers to target you All right a brute amber Nico you guys here you guys here. I’m here. Okay, okay, so we’re queuing up a 3-band squad We’re already a disadvantage if we win this game. You got a Google us get Google us get me four stuff Let’s go to pleasant.

Let’s send it to Pleasant list okay, whenever we land We have to land next to each other and hold hands what we got to do kumbaya kumbaya, okay Modern house or like north side where you guys want to go Maybe we should try to go far because and maybe either be far side like the far side of it, okay Yeah, the northwest corner, okay So there’s a team at least. This is okay one two three four five six seven eight nine Okay, I’m gonna go to the far building. I’m letting it. This is a blue house right here. Oh the blue house with the best drop out of everyone geez holy crap nobody has What first one will find the the smoke grenade wins oh? You probably saying that you have it already. Don’t you? I just got a purple scarf Hey, whatever your way, there’s a bunch of fighting going on out there. Yeah, I Knocked somebody nice I win. I knocked another person you got a smoke is that if that’s the stupid smoke grenade out there? I? Got this ma up I’m just sittin in this house.

I’m just sittin in this house and killing people I have not like four people just sitting in this window. Do you see? ceased East how far In this house in this house Okay, go to a new window what am I going to a new window? Yeah, knocked him Strapped him strapped him. I’m coming in like a wrecking ball. This is so broken. I have no more ammo I have no more ammo. I have shot it all Last day. I want something. There’s one guy left. Yeah, he’s right here Did you guys get him yeah, yeah, we got guys guys look at how many kills I have all my dicks That was all from just sitting in that building and shooting from the window I’m calling you a camper. I’m a dirty camper I Accept my role in society. I kind of want to mean though you want to be A brute go ahead meme away Okay, so so say for instance. You know I I’m a bush right. Uh-huh you said like oh god, okay? Now I’m a bush and so that’s this one here you see me. That’s a good meme.

Did you see me? I can’t am brew This is why we can’t take you anywhere It’s the bush 2.0. Man. This is gonna. Can’t take you anywhere. I like it a lot guys I can’t see what I’m because the bush is terrible I Don’t know how you always get so much wood like every time we play, duo’s you have 900 wood it’s like you start with it It’s it’s part of the bonus pack. It’s you You own the game also spin bait for say you say somebody. Yeah, it was you I see a random chicken bus running by Oh For you guys that haven’t seen this for my videos doesn’t it look like a running chicken what is it like now a dancing chicken This is how we don’t have nice things We’re Northwest Yeah, at least she hears, this you uh He he had 35 shoot up dominates Go in a snow like this poor guy has no chance.

He has you know a chance Ever kill me Okay, okay, he’s still alive. He’s still up. He’s still he’s still good – there’s teams All right you came from that way. Oh, we got over in the zone JK, Laughlin. Oh my gosh The zone is so far – oh My goodness, I’m max bullet by the way of course. You are oh right down here right down here Insta died Teammate that we killed you think maybe you were shooting at these people always out Oh, yeah, there’s people here in the net at the south of the okay. I’m a bush. I’m gonna sneak up on them oh Yeah, I’m gonna throw a grenade gonna Nate All right see him oh Did I hit him you see him? a lot one not one oh I’m a bush. Don’t worry. Oh They saw me fix mommy’s okay. They’re all dead oh Look at all of this flute 14 people left This could be our highest kill game. We’ve ever had to be honest with you I have – oh yeah – committee member I have five I have eight eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifty fifty kills.

Is that our highest no fifteen or fourteen players are left What’s our highest if we kill everybody else we could get? 11 more so 26 That would definitely be our highest hi, Kilowog ]\ody will be coming to film student. I’ll text them L that I \ Just just spray All right, so that’s one person all right, so that’s one four seven people left so Four people at work. Yeah, so there’s three others that we don’t if we don’t see there’s four people left It’s us versus that guy down. There is it really All right, we gotta move we gotta move Oh, no watch this watch this okay for you guys that have never seen or are new to this game check this out I have a strategy you build way up on you man upon you go the way up you put down a jump hat right Where’s this guy? I think he’s like 120 southeast. I there’s a lot of dams. Oh, I see him He’s getting by that bad vet.

No he’s lucky. He’s rocket launcher into you. He’s rocket launcher into you okay. I’m jumping first So whatever whatever you jump off of a jump pad you don’t take damage when you hit the ground. Where is this guy? He’s he’s to the east 75 Okay, I have an idea He’s \my marker where he is pretty much. What’s what’s billed to him and then beat him with our pickaxes Oh, he’s building up building. I got a b]\uilding up. He’s building up whatever He’s lau\a watch Pat uses launched via the trap home An]full spikes on the ground and make him die to it. No Diego Don’t kiem astronomy with those shadows to tag them alright I feel so bad. This is me he went he went south west west southwest west, okay, okay? Okay going over there All right yeah that way no you watching my scene building I see him building he’s If he kills us I’m probably on that phone oh Yes rocket launcher oh no oh no Because you guys get I had six safe – okay eight Oh sixteen 16 kills, that’s not bad. I’ll take it That’s a pretty solid win I take it? I’ll take it, but anyway stairs Hope you guys have enjoyed, and if you have of course did drop a like on it j-just get to 18 flights if you want some more fortnight videos and Yes, we’ll see you dudes next time.

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