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Which is really interesting imagine paying those supply drops But the important thing with this blog post is the additional weapons so first off it added in the scoped assault rifle We obviously know that weapon it is in the game still next up. They added this zapper Tron sniper. That is right It was a real weapon in fortnight, Battle Royale And it was technically the rarest weapon you could ever find within the game the description reads as follows the zapper Tron can be used to fire electric blasts in short bursts or Charged up to release enormous amount of damage by sparingly however a Cell ammo is extremely limited This weapon is already available in surprise So this weapon is added into the game two months ago personally. I’ve never ever come across it if you’ve ever found it Let me know down below in the comment section however we have got someone that has found it He goes for the name ionics TV And it’s a twitch stream of a fortnight or link his channel down below in the description as well But let’s check out a clip of him finding it within a Supply Drop Using it and actually getting a kill with the staff at Ron sniper.

Oh Although the words upwards wanted on there for most earners on the air Oh That thing is nuts an electrically charged sniper But it has two firing modes as the description says you can see they’re being fully charged up and completely Wiping out an enemy it is insane. However. I’ve been playing the game for a while now I’ve put many many hours into the games. I’m sure you guys have as well, but I have never come across it There’s two answers one is that this weapon was in the game for such a limited amount of time But they decided it was too overpowered and withdrew it or they kept it in the game and made it so Freakin rare that only a handful of people have ever found it in-game, so I’ve just done some research and I’ve gone on through the fortnight reddit and Apparently it was removed from the game after one day Because the developers didn’t feel like it fitted into the game well enough some forty guys that means we’re never gonna find it again However, if you’ve been watching my videos this week You know that I did a video covering a load of big changes and updates will be coming to the game soon And how we know that more weapons items and equipment are in the pipeline To be added to fortnight battery Isle in the near future what I want to know from you guys Is would you like to see the zapper Tron sniper? Return to fortnight battle app if you would give a video a big fat thumbs up Let me know your opinions of it down below in the comment section Do you think they were right to remove it does it not quite fit the game? Or does it look so freakin awesome that we have to have it back in personally I would love to see it again.

It looks absolutely crazy I’m just gutted I never got a chance to use it when it was available in the game so as awesome as that aperture on sniper is we need to get into some live gameplay my friends as always we Are going for that number one? victory our spot makes you turning on a notification bell right next to subscribe to be notified of all my videos the second they go live and without further ado is jumping some action and play some awesome fortnight’s battle royale I Think we are gonna get all three crates chests from the tower here My gosh. We are fully shielded. We go north away our. We’ve caught in our peih-gee Guys and girls the game couldn’t start much better than this. I hope you’re having an amazing day Let’s see what our third chest is gonna. Give us is it gonna be so kind as to give me a snipe Okay, I guess I’ll scream for a little bit too much there. It’s so good. Let’s get shooted I’m ready to take some people on I think the roof has actually been open up there in the main cabin Here in the lowly Lodge what my favorite place is start off. It’s always such a happy place to come and chill out Whenever I’ve to find those guys that were like afk. Oh three of them in our video yesterday I’m like Searching like just checking you know the points of the map where the bus drops people just to see if anyone’s sitting around and Hasn’t deployed for please saying afk, so I’m get an easy easy No, Kim is cheeky, I know but I’m always gonna do it now.

Just in case so let’s get shotgun here as well Thank thank you. Thank you Alright, we’re starting off pretty strong I’m not to actually apart from someone in the main building potentially fourth chest in as many seconds. Let’s go I’m gonna leave the SMG sorry, buddy I give the SMGs no love even though they’re actually pretty good to be honest with you After you got patched through a little bit more damage, but I’m like When it comes to infantry space I’m always gonna go for a shotgun. I’m sorry sorry SMG I will show you some love one day all right And I’ll go I’ll try and get a few more kills if you can I know we do know that see if anyone else is Hanging out in here. It’s definitely been looted Yeah, ma’am someone’s come in and they’ve grabbed it would be stress for themselves greedy greedy people No, but I can talk I’ve already taken four chests from this map already and a jump pad Why not why not jump I’m gonna See you just in case if any of your back buildings have been left alone for being left alone I’m gonna grab them as well take them for myself and maybe get ourselves a fifth Test potentially.

They’ll be pretty damn awesome oh No, no, I thought I heard was there’s a freakin water pool. Ally come on man adjust your ears a little bit, but Today, I think we’re gonna be chatting a little bit about potential new weapons And there’s a patron and it’s really weird because I actually Watched and this this weapons in the game for about a day And it’s about one day just as I started to play Fortnight battery up so I have to go back and check and see if I even had a chance of finding it During that one day I’m not sure if I was playing back then or not Maybe you guys were maybe you guys have experienced it if you have experiences that aperture on snipe enough any clips of it any gameplay any pictures anything send it to me because See this guy’s up to over here trying to loot that building potentially Because the only clip online I can find is to what I’m gonna show you guys and I mean it’s great He picks up the weapon and get secured straight away, but apart from that Literally nothing it’s so weird.

It’s almost as if a weapon never existed Was this guy gone? the help to turn into a tree Is that a new consumable? He must have run away. He must have dipped out without me realizing I was sure he wouldn’t be able to run away about me being out to notice so are there he is he’s freaking miles away this chest, Marana I Apologize the chest is gonna have to go unlooted for the mug. It’s fine. We’re pretty well shielded We’re looking pretty good to mess with you guys. Oh baby forget bow for them She’s really walking in S&G Dad I want to bow for men I wanted both of them I grabbed this sniper Why not better shotgun as well beautiful beautiful, beautiful And I’m gonna actually pick bandages over the maids, sorry grenades just not being you guys today just ain’t happening Okay, little bit of virtue start, but hey, it’s always nice to land and alone you Lodge And they’ll get too much action off of that, so this is looking pretty good so far.

I like it I like get I like it things are going well and just depends if anyone else has chewed out in here It’s runners with you because it’s so hard to loot and get to so much of loot in this place Either it goes unlooted or people just sort of rush through it grab the obvious things and then leave It worked well for me from smoke grenade video when we started off and landed straight here No grenades straight on the ground, but a part of knife. You don’t know its place You’re buildable zoo or your ladders or anything or your stairs? Sorry, it’s quite hard to get to a lot of parts around there and when I was coming in from the edge you guys good Yeah, no one. Okay. All right. I trust you not to shoot me in the back. It’s a level of trust I’m giving to you right now and hopefully you can repay me by by being nice and not depleting my shoe quite yet go, but he’s parachutes back I Thought she was taking a shot at me God damn it. I hate it when Whoa head shop Let’s go man I hate it when I line up for sure I know always I have heard spend a little bit longer on This game lining up sniper shots Because a Miss is so bad And I lied it up and it like Literally goes in between the pixels of their legs till their hands or their arms in this case just past their head It’s still good.

It’s all good. She’s down. She died she was shooting someone, No Just keep that in mind as well I can’t get over how how much I want my characters Camera pans to be honest with you Can’t lied I am susceptible to some camo camo clothing cannot lie Let’s see a on shooting and dusty depo I’m coming in hot so you better be ready I’m not afraid to like oh My Cheesy literally made me jump out my skin whoa oh My god, don’t do that geez all Right we’re on the edge. Oh my god. I Literally told people to come out to not take my shield and what happens the next person runs into me shoot I shouldn’t have survived debts you really honest with you but I’m Thanking the fortnight gods. I did I’m not complaining. We’ve got a scarfin We got an bandage, but we are back up to a hundred help, but she will he’s looking kinda dodge right now I definitely don’t want to run into anyone at the dusty depo now leave me alone. Give me a break and I’ll leave you alone as well.

That’s a good deal. Is that I could throw you leave me alone. I’ll leave you alone Okay, let’s make awaits the next ring which I think it’s gonna be closer to loot Lake So it could be interesting and just hopefully watch our back in no one will take us out so talking about new weapons and new items just for a second We know they’re gonna be coming not necessarily straight away, but at some point in the near future There’s a patron sniper I can kind of understand when they took it out, so those guys that don’t know I’m sure you do you see every time you boot up the game but there is a PvE in a PvP mode too fortnight vault night started off as Save the world. I believe it’s cool. She’s the PvE segment of the game event they added in PvP. Which is battle royale which is like her just a free addition so smart cannot lie and I’ve actually never put any time into the PvE version of the game But I feel like I’d quite enjoy it it looks to me like a view a bit like zombies It looks really fun if you guys have played it.

Let me know down below should I give it a go? But the weapons in that mode and save the world are very diff very crazy very What’s the word to describe them just a little bit more stylized a little bit more like? Weird with the design elements whereas in this game. They’re very much like standard weaponry They don’t have any crazy camos on them They just got clear color coding and there’s a patron was just a bit weird like an electric magnet magnetic cell shooting sniper That’s a little bit different. I think you guys can agree with me on that one, so The potential it coming back is there may be adjusted a little bit I’ve never seen it shooting in its burst mode. They talked about Oh Someone They either above me or below me And they’ve said they’re going to improve the audio in this game when people are above and below so That’d be amazing that no freaking clue is right now. We’re in the ring Where are you? Let’s do a build See hope made me he’s clueless I too feel a little bit bad.

He had absolutely no idea Feel that’s gonna draw some attention some guys building over that and if he’s building because he’s heard me or see me know And I’m coming in Okay Okay, I think well I think we’re good look at his bandages amazing Oh See that chest over there and some ammo Oh Someone’s just built over there That’s a weird place to build All right, no one’s looking at me. I’m going for it. Let the build commence. Let’s get over to As long as no one sees this we should be okay Let’s do it baby. What a journey want a journey to the island, and I’m not quite a meal But an island in Luke leg oh, it’s actually gonna begin the next ring as well amazing. Oh a shield. Oh my That view was that old I think well maybe okay, oh no oh no Oh, do you have a shotgun that? Is a clueless player that is a poor poor clueless fortnight player Manus Island was sick as well ammo shield More ammo. I want to make sure this guy’s in looking over Especially those shots going down Can’t see any movement.

Oh, so good the next rings at us you almost never get rings in loot lake, and what do you do? What’s up, buddy See you later see you later Sookie Luke it’s in here shield Oh What luck I did not think when he gets this far in the game, I just assume I’m not gonna get any more shields unless it’s from another player Six kills, and then we are just cleaning people out over here I’m gonna head over here and just see what loot this person has if anything just some ammo RPGs really the best actually to run a boat we’re good. We give a good what have you got what you got was he’s got Blue er and a bruised sniper she had some semi-decent things She may have been the player actually building over here remembered a little bit earlier. That’s in this direction.

I think she was think she She left it rightly so but he got a gun and killed. Sorry buddy. Sorry about that Now my beer wood across the middle ache. It’s probably gonna draw a bit of attention to me Can’t lie But hopefully I’m just gonna stick to edges ring like this all Supply Drop And the enemy Pam the accuracy needs to salt rifle was a terrible at the moment oh Geez I think he just stopped and used a potion. That’s annoying Because he he would have had a spare potion then All we still got a spare potion Was I dropped for the shield when I dropped for the shield, would you record director? What you reckon? Oh No no no I know so many times That’s not someone’s fighting someone’s down He’s got you, dude Wow don’t know how that treat him break Okay, it’s still quiet you some our people left actually oh Let’s go, that’s faster take it maybe two shoots and a medkit Whoa? Track mr.

. Person’s doing I’m not gonna wait to find out it’s gonna build I’ve got a legendary sniper another med kit And another scar he was using Come on Allie I may have to go out of building like Allie a big noob stop it There we go cheese. Oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh, let’s give myself an exit Where’d that come from Who’s firing at me show yourself? Down seven players are just real someone’s died And the next ring is not in a good place Oh, no, oh You have to make some movement See Someone’s built on top one of the mountains Mmm. I don’t trust the trees Never trusted shoot trees at the end game II never trust him waste someone lurking behind someone’s down Just hoping that person flappy one doesn’t take a shot at me Drakken either even they’re moving or I don’t know what? Jeez Whoa? Oh my god. I froze up for a second there. What the hell was he doing him Sometimes this game then goodness he had no shield ah You almost took away all of mine, though Damn, okay.

Well I was kind of hoping I’d have that for endgame but Good news is we get our shotgun back which I’m a severely severely be thankful for Anyone else anyone else I Don’t know if that’s guy I feel like that guy’s point moved on to mess with you Feel like it’s probably we’re actually quite close to the Rings being in this building In here shots you can see shots we tried NAB one of these kills, would you reckon? damn Come on keep running out, let’s get it Oh Snipe down, you. Just know someone’s in that tool building though surely Hmm there’s only three people left okay now we’re talking Now you’re really talking All right, let’s build this metal base. Let’s build it sweet. Let’s build it fast BAM. It’s up Let’s go a level higher why not? all right mm-hmm if anyone wants to challenge me I Don’t mind Oh What okay, okay Okay, where’s that coming from? Where’s that coming from get this rule back? Oh Frick? Oh what? We know know where the final people are Come on let me build Okay, okay, we know where they are All right that was great that was great he’s scared he’s not coming out that way whoa I’m going for it this should work He’s building What? Bro, what are you doing? I thought he was giving building up to me on launchpad.

Let’s go Come on come on come on there we go oh My god. He was actually shooting at me as well. I thought maybe you shoot some L base Whoo all right let’s do a RPG 1v1 Has no idea where he is I’m seeing five hot shots with the RPG Let’s set up this launchpad baby a set of this launch pad hope he hasn’t seen you come over here No Let me there. We go there. We go. Let’s do this Well, okay know which pass that won’t be 110 kills to our name didn’t even realize well. He’s gonna come towards me I Don’t know how much health he’s on no I Don’t know if I feel confident after fly-in I’m a hundred or hundred you know what it’s like you never Never trust someone endgame think it’s gonna hit him No no All my going to show him a launchpad. I’ll I ain’t happy Well you have pissed me off.

I was about to launch pad you oh? Hey Get out of here destroy my launch pad no. No don’t do that. Oh my gosh I knew it I was waiting for a launch pad win. There’s no get though GG. We both had lazy RPGs again They’re actually well 11q victory warrior Al that was really really good But remember guys were asleep all my fault night videos with a place down below click that you can see all of them make sure You subscribe and hit a notification bus to be the person votes in my videos I hope you’ve enjoyed have an amazing rest of weekend, and I’ll see you guys soon. Bye. Bye.

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