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(CRH intro plays) What’s up everybody ? Welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority. And today I’m going to put to the test this survival pen. It’s supposed to break car windows super easily. (Tick) Let’s see what this pen is all about. Let me show you what this pen does. There’s a stylus right here. Then you can unscrew this stylus and look you got yourself a regular pen. It’s pretty decent weight, I love heavy pens so it’s really fun and easy to write. Then right here you untwist this cap, when you have to and check this out.

You see there is a little teeth over here. So what you do is pull it right here.(Tick) And let go. And that way you can break window, car windows really easily. So you can get out.(I thought it was to steal a car) Especially when your car fell into the water and your doors are all jammed. So you can (Tick) break the window with this pen really really easily. Let’s go put it to the test and film it in slow motion. All right in the Middle(Big tick) Oh wow(Big tick) (Big tick and glass shatters ) WOOOOOOOAAHHH(lol what was dat?) It did this right here blow(blew) up. Did you see dat? look at dat gl(ass). Wow. And we film dat in slow motion. Let’s see what the slow motion looks like at 25-thousand frames per second (Big shatter in glass) (Gun firing sound in slow motion) (Rewind) Well guys I think it’s safe to say this pen has passed the test. Dat glass was really thick and it was tempered glass.

As you can see the way it shattered. Amazing pen. Definitely putting it in my car. I love that it’s a survival tool but at the same time a pen. I always need a pen in a car. So it’s awesome to have a pen/survival tool. Hopefully you don’t have to use a survival tool ever in your life. But I’m sure you will need a pen and you’ll always have it by your hand in a car. Dat’s pretty much it, Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and I’ll see you next time. (There wasn’t any BOOMs in this video)CRH 2k17.

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