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Do you know research says that the effect a great kiss has is like a drug? Being the body’s most prominent erogenous zone, it is packed with cranial nerves that can shoot impulses to your brain. Guess what? Because of this reason, an awesome kiss can actually make you feel high without the side effects of a drug, wow! A kiss is the first step of romance and if you aren’t good at it, there is a high chance that you aren’t going beyond it! Ughh that would hurt, don’t worry, we have you covered with our guide to good kissing. Hold your breath and pout because kisses are on the way! Number 10. Keep it real Now this is a no brainer, the kiss HAS to be real, straight from heart if you want it anywhere near decent! If you actually want it, only then go for it! If you are doing it only because that’s what you should be doing or doing it under some kind of pressure, walk away from it! A kiss shouldn’t be forced, it has to be NATURAL and meaningful.

After all what is romance when it is forced? Suffocating, that’s right! Number 9. Respect consent You are not forcing the other person into a kiss by any means, that is unacceptable! So what do you do instead? Wait for consent, OBVIOUSLY! Without that you are no better than a molester, let that sink in! You won’t lose anything by asking, right? You have no clue what a positive effect you’ll get by simply asking, “Can I kiss you?”! She might remember this sweet gesture for days and crave to kiss you long and hard! Number 8. Talk it out What’s the point of making out and not enjoying it? In the fast paced world of today, nobody has got the time to pick up hints, so putting your point across by talking is the best way! “Oh how fiercely your mouth meets mine, I like it softy like this” or “I love how passionately you kiss me, keep doing that”! These simple sentences can do a lot in making the kiss more enjoyable for both of you. The more you are open about your feelings, the better will be the kiss.

Choice is yours! Number 7. Don’t restrict to lips Pushing your tongue inside her mouth feels ‘oh so good’ to you but if you are restricting yourself to just her lips, you are missing out on a lot! What about the tip of her nose? You certainly can’t forget her jawbone and the nape of her neck, you totally have to plant endless kisses here! Showing love is incomplete without a kiss on the forehead and the inside of her wrist. Want to escalate things? Shower her with kisses behind her earlobe and on the shoulder. You can also kiss her on the closed eyelid because, just think of the possibilities! Number 6. Take the long route Why start with the lips and end right there only? Make her go gaga over you by kissing her chin, moving along the jawline and finally reaching her earlobe! Kiss her on the forehead, trace her nose with your lips and end it where it should, on her mouth! Or hug her from behind, plant a sweet kiss on her shoulder and move along the curve towards her ear.

Congrats you are in for the “aww so cute” moment! Number 5. Ease out PDA Bae is not a fan of PDA but you want to kiss her all time? You don’t have to make the concept obnoxious to her because hello, subtle ways to show affection in public are ‘oh so cute’! When she is sitting, approach her silently and kiss her on the forehead or while facing each other in the bus kiss her lightly on the nose! It will ease out the PDA phobia in her and she’ll be in a better position to respond to your affection while in public. Good deal! Number 4. Spot on pre-game You want her craving for your lips, don’t you? Before kissing her deeply just brush your lips on hers and pull away. Take a moment to appreciate the ‘OMG I need your mouth on mine, RIGHT NOW” reaction on her face! Once you have basked in the glory of the reaction you managed to elicit, go for the kill! This break will increase your chances to sweep her off her feet with your intense kissing skills! Sounds good, right? Number 3.

Mix it up Just because you have always kissed her in a particular way, it does not mean that you can’t change that! Experimenting will only add the necessary spice to your relationship. So if you have never used tongue, maybe it’s time to give it a shot or if you’ve been using too much of it, back off for a bit! Just feel the mood and decide what type of kiss would suit it, don’t worry you’ll know by the feel of it! Number 2. Hands in control Now kissing might be the game of lips but the importance of hands in it is unquestionable! Keeping your hands by your side will make you look disinterested in the kiss and will automatically reduce your chances of taking it to the next level! You have to look fully involved in her, so trying placing your hands in her hair or one around her neck while the other supports her back. Both of these look utterly romantic and give you control over her *wink*! You can even place your hands on her hips to allow some loving squeezing, ahem, double fun! Number 1. Kissing isn’t everything Once you are a pro at kissing you would know that kissing is not the only way to show affection and love.

Holding hands, saying sweet nothings in her ear or kissing her hand will leave her craving for your presence! You want that, don’t you? A small gift to surprise her when she is least expecting it will help your bonding a lot. We aren’t denying the importance of kissing because it is amazing, OBVIOUSLY! But knowing that it isn’t the only incredible thing is a must! Which of these tips are you planning to follow the next time you venture into MakeOutTown? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel if you liked this video. And while you’re here, check out our other videos and tell us what you think of them. You can also find us on twitter, facebook and instagram. Thanks for watching..

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