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Recently, Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, was in the news for suing a 14 year old boy for using cheats in Fortnite. The player, Caleb Rogers aka Sky Orbit, had released videos on his YouTube channel featuring him using those cheats, and claims that Epic Game’s lawsuit is attempting to sue him for creating said cheats, which he states he downloaded off of a popular cheat website. Ah the drama. So of course, we’re taking a closer look at cheats in the game with our top 10 ways to cheat in fortnite list. A lot of these are hacks, some are glitches, and some are the real deal in terms of cheats that aren’t allowed in the game. With that in mind, let’s jump in! 10 Infinite Glide 9 God Mode There’s a lot of ‘God Mode’ glitches and cheats that players have claimed to figure out on YouTube.

Some involve some of the glitches we have coming up on this list that act as a way to hide and be invisible from other players. Some are glitches that consist of you going to certain areas and doing a move like the worm in order to become next to impossible to target by your foes. Others claim to be cheats that make you invincible to attacks, and those ones in particular are the reason why God Mode isn’t higher on our list – they seem to be more rumour than tangible cheat. Videos posted on YouTube of players using God Mode are, yes, invincible to attacks, but rarely do you see any means of actually activating that cheat. So if any of you guys out there have been able to do that, give us a shout in the comments below, and perhaps we’ll include it in one of our next Fortnite videos. 8 Know Where to Land While this isn’t exactly a cheat per say, it’s definitely a bit of a knowledge hack.

Knowing where to land in Fortnite battle royale can make or break your match. We all know how important it is to land somewhere that has loot chests so you stand a chance against any foes you’ll run into in the earlier moments of your game. Hell, we’ve even done a video on it. And there’s a ton of articles online about it. Definitely a necessity when it comes to giving you a fighting chance. 7 No Glider Glitch While some players may just focus on landing in areas that they know are stacked with loot, others have found a glitch that gives them the upper hand on that, and removes some of the risk when it comes to encountering other players immediately in the game – especially ones who decided to land in the same area as you. The no glider glitch removes your glider when you jump off the battle bus, meaning you get to the ground a whole lot faster. Now the game has an auto parachute feature as soon as you approach the free fall limit. This can be delayed if you land as close to the shoreline as possible, since the auto parachute system does work above bodies of water. 6 Wallbreach The Wallbreach glitch can be found located under a bridge that’s located just south east of Shifty Shafts.

There’s a set of grassy stairs under the bridge that you go up. You can then jump inside of the breach, which makes you invisible. The down side? Sometimes if grenades are thrown nearby, you don’t have any protection and will still go down from the blast. You also won’t be able to climb out of it once you go in. But luckily that’s not the only glitch that allows you to go invisible in the game- 5 Underground glitch In various parts of the Fortnite map, depending on where you dig – or by total accident – you can find yourself underground. The benefit to this? Players who aren’t also underground can’t see you, similar to our previous number, which makes it quite easy to track them and knock them out of the game before they even realize what’s hit them. But, be careful – if you jump up or the glitch opens up a smaller height of underground coverage, your head may pop up, making you a tad vulnerable to any sharp shooters who may get the jump on you. 4 Roof Hack Yet another invisibility hack, the roof hack is a bit more versatile than our last two numbers.

Essentially, you build a roof and hide inside of that. But the downside – it’s a structure, meaning other players can easily see it, and may destroy it. Plus side is that it does give you an advantage to take them out before they take you out. The trick is to use the edit button to enter and exit it at will, and it’ll provide protection from all sides if you’re under attack. 3 Chams You can get your hands on cheats that enable chams, which are like wallhacks but with an added bonus – enemy players who are in front of walls or large objects appear as red, while enemy players who are behind walls or large objects appear as green. So obviously, it gives you an advantage in knowing where your opposition is, allowing you to detect and hunt them down much easier.

2 ESP Cheat Speaking of knowing where your opposition is, Fortnite has its own ESP cheat. If you’re unfamiliar with what that is, an ESP cheat or ESP hack that lets you know the locations of every player in the game – it stands for Extra Sensory Perception. It’s a cheat for those who prefer to still maintain more clarity in the game in terms of graphics and aesthetics, and don’t really want to deal with seeing a bunch of red and green clumps on their screen that come with chams. Although many players like to combine chams with ESP and our next number- 1 Fortnite Aimbot An aimbot is a cheat in first person shooters that lets you shoot enemies without having to aim, meaning you can take out foes with much less accuracy and much less skill. In this clip by youtuber TongueTwisterGaming, you can see that holy trinity of cheats all in play – ESP, Chams and Aimbot – all at work. And look how easily they manage to take down their opponents? Yeah, piece of cake. There we have it friends! Which of these cheats or hacks have you tried before? Have you ever been booted from Fortnite for giving these cheats a go? Let us know in those comments below.

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