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The most popular messaging app on the planet yet a lot of hacks remain unknown. Hello Everybody this is your friendly neighbourhood, Soham The Technomini, back with another video that every WhatsApp user would like to watch. So let’s get right into it. Hack #1 Take Screenshots of Fake Chats We humans used to lead happy lives with freedom of speech and expression until Screenshots came in. The App WhatsFake could either be a life-saving drug or a Life-Ruining Drug depending on how you use it.

This App lets you create fake chats for which, all you’ve to do is enter the name of the contact, add a contact image, set their Last Seen or Online or Typing Status and you’re ready to go! It lets you choose sides from where you can send the message and swap the side again to reply. You can edit your sent texts which I wish was possible on the actual WA too (coughs), toggle between Sent, Delivered or Seen bla bla bla! Pretty much self explanatory. Start playing pranks with WhatsFake without taking it too far. Hack #2 Hack someone else’s WhatsApp Disclaimer: This hack is featured for educational purposes only. Kindly don’t misuse this knowledge for illegal purposes. So, download WhatScan for WhatsApp Web from the Play Store and open it up. Sorry for the ads but it’s a free version. So, you’ll need to access your victim’s phone for a minute to open their WhatsApp and go to menu > WhatsApp web and then scan the QR code shown up by WhatsCan on your phone from theirs. Not as complicated as you think – once done, WhatScan will be integrated with your victim’s WhatsApp and you’ll be able to read all his/her (ahem) chats, send messages from your phone, change DP or status and also text anyone in their contact list.

Pretty intimidating but hey, limit yourself to “JUST FOR FUN” only. Remember, this intrudes one’s privacy unless it’s your best friend. Hack #3 1 Device – Multiple WhatsApps In case you didn’t know, there’s an app named Parallel Space that lets you have running 2 Accounts in 1 App on 1 Device. In simple words, it gives you an option to select which Application to make a copy of, in this case, WhatsApp and then you’ll be given a fresh version of WhatsApp where can enter your alternate phone number or maybe any of your family member’s who can’t have their personal phone for this purpose. So you know the rest. You’ll still have your old WhatsApp in your app drawer but inside Parallel Space, there will be another. Hack #4 WhatsApp for PC Did you know that their team has officially made it possible for you to run WhatsApp from your PC simply by downloading their Windows or Mac App? Well, if you didn’t, feel free to check out a dedicated video on this topic that I’ve already made using this pop-up card or the link down below.

Post Script – I assume that you are already aware about the Video Calling feature that has come with the latest update of WhatsApp. Hack #5 This is perhaps the most complex trick in this video. First up, head over to settings, select “Applications” and open WhatsApp. Now tap on Uninstall and JUST DO IT. You heard it right. The purpose of your life isn’t just to be a couch potato sitting on a coach eating potato chips and having your fingers run faster than Usain Bolt on WhatsApp. There’s a beautiful world outside. Explore. Don’t let tech to be your addiction or obsession. Sounds ironic when spoken by me! Anyways, sometimes just take leave from this virtual world and talk to people in real life.

I promise, it feels so good. That’s going to wrap it up for today’s episode. Hopefully I haven’t wasted your time. So Enjoy Life and See you later, Bye!.

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