Top 5 SHOCKING MAGICIAN America and Britain’s Got Talent 2016 – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hello (Laughter) Hello Where are you from Christian ? Im from London. Do you have a day job ? I do have a day job, its uhh magician Christian Are you Married ? i love that ha ha yes here we go. time to put the card into your mind amanda, name the card the 6 of hearts the 6 of hearts you say if you could take the one card that is faceing the other way around take it out slide it out and show them and live the dream, it is the 6 of hearts how did you do that how i did it is not so important as how i am going to get this balloon of me if youy could just come round here and grab me by the waist ye i liked that it was very good show us your magic go ahead https://goodlifeusa.


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