Unity 3D Melee Combat & Lock On Demo ( Combat Framework ) – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Hello to another Combat Framework tut. This time I’ll show locking on target feature that I added in v3.4. There are two types of locking on target: auto and manual. First I’ll show manual. In manual mode there are blue and yellow outline indicators… blue indicator displays currently chosen character that can be locked and yellow is locked character. When locked, player will always turn to direction to locked character. I made npcs on this scene attack one by one. By default, lock key is ‘caps lock’ So, I’ll keep switching locked target on different npcs. OK, there is also auto lock on target. Npcs that is on contact with player get locked on.

If during attacks, player switch direction… … locked npc changes (if hit/otherwise locked target is cleared ). I’ll demonstrate a little so it can be seen. Locked on target in front… …and by switching direction, player is locked on another npc. If target is locked, just leave input idle and player will always turn towards locked target. Lets now defeat these npcs and wrap… Thats it. Thank you for watching..

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