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Alright, guys. I heard from a lot of people Youtube had an update and basically, if you like a video, there will be a ding sound, so go ahead and test it out. I don’t know if it works or not, I’m going to try it out too, but basically it just makes a ding sound when you like a video. It is really quiet, so look out for it. Hopefully you guys do go ahead and enjoy this video. What is going on guys! My name is Serum or Lucas Today, what we’re going to be doing is showing you guys how to hack into or get into any iPhone without the passcode and I’m going to be showing you guys a couple ways here. Both of them are super easy Overall, it’s super cool to do You can prank your friends or just find anybody you want If you suspect someone’s cheating on you, go into that phone, unlock it like this, go ahead and see who she’s going with and give them the hands, you know Go up a new web, start the nae nae.

.. *choral nae nae* Now we are so close to three hundred thousand subscribers, and if you guys are brand new to my channel, it’d really mean a ton for you to go and subscribe. If you do that, I’ll forever appreciate you. We’re just 10K off so I would love you guys… There are a lot of other tutorials out there that are so much harder, you have to have like two phones, you have to go through a lot of stuff to go ahead and do it… and it just takes a really long time, and you have to go rewatch the video to remember how to do it. This one’s super easy Literally the shortest way to do this And I’ll get into that a little bit later But let’s go ahead and hop into the tutorial I don’t wanna waste any more of your time Basically, all you need is an iPhone I mean, that’s really all you need..

. I don’t know why you’d wanna go into your own iPhone… Now quickly let’s explain how this actually works. With Siri, you can bypass a lot of things on an iPhone and all you have to do is set up a reminder. Now, this reminder really is key What you wanna set a reminder for, it really doesn’t matter wake up at like 8pm or like, put chicken nuggets in the microwave, put that in your reminders that’s what we’re going to tell her to do today And then once we actually get there there’s a way to get in I was genuinely surprised when it worked for me like I had no clue it was actually going to work for me now it’s actually so easy it seems fake so I’m not gonna cut the video at all when I demonstrate this and this is gonna be no cuts right here and then I’m just gonna demonstrate it two times in a row right after, so you guys know it’s not fake so let’s go ahead and do it so what you wanna do: activate Siri “remind me” so just say that *siri talking* OK, just tell me what you want to be reminded about *siri talking* “put chicken nuggets in microwave” so what you wanna do hold on, let me get this focused I didn’t want Siri to hear me or anything.

.. cus it messes it up but, the reminder will come up here now, basically, you wanna click on it and then it’ll come up to a reminders page I’ve tried this a couple of times before and it works, literally, everytime so, all you do, is click the home button and bam, you’re in it, right there. So, basically just to show you I do have the lock on it… So I can’t get in Let’s go over the steps again Just go to Siri, then click “remind me” go say whatever you want… wake me up, put chicken nuggets in microwave… and then go ahead and click on that! Alright, if that didn’t work for you, you guys are on the newer iOS or just any updated phone… That was actually the last iOS, I found another way to do it. Okay guys. You can see I have the iPhone here, and basically just I changed the camera angle ‘cus it’s a lot easier this way for you guys to see and all that So what we’re going to do is actually activate Siri and then when we activate Siri, We’re just going to say to play a certain game and then we’ll go from there.

.. I’ll just show you guys, I still have the passcode on and I’m not going to cut the video so I do have the passcode there and then obviously to get in you just type the passcode…lol but, what you wanna actually do to get in without typing in the passcode…that’s why you’re here This is the new iOS So just follow along with what I do “play flight” *Siri talking* Okay, I don’t want Siri hearing me talking and all that because it messes it up but let me get a good angle on this and focus it here Okay, there we go Jesus dude, that’s so annoying.. ok.. *hjusdfjsjklhsid* Okay, this is pissing me off You won’t be talking for this, so… it’d be a lot easier for you But basically, click on, go to Search iTunes Store it’s gonna take you to the iTunes store and, ok…

just wait for it, it does take a while, it’s a little bit glitchy but you just wanna wait till it loads up, so we’ll just wait till it loads up now basically you’re in the iTunes store and it searched up whatever games you look for and all you wanna do is press the home button real quick and bam, you’re in the iPhone and you can really go to any app, just make sure it actually works through an app Now, Bike Race I went to it, but see if it actually loads up here yep, so it loads up You’re in the phone, you can go to anything And once again, this isn’t the new iOS update as you can see here and I do have the lock on it, so all those did work it’s a little bit annoying when you try to talk and do a commentary and Siri hears you but that’s pretty much how you do it go to Siri, and then say play any game and then it’ll take you to the iTunes store and then, pretty much just click on the iTunes store it’ll take you there wait till it loads up and click the home button and you should be able to get in Now that’s the easiest way to actually bypass a code on the iPhone there are other ways like I mentioned at the beginning of the video that are really, really a lot harder they take a lot more time, you have to have two phones So if you want me to bring out the more detailed tutorial that literally works everytime for everybody like no questions asked I can bring that to you, all you have to to, just let me know by leaving a like on this video or commenting bring the longer tutorial This one I just thought I’d bring for the first video because it’s really simple really easy but yeah guys Thank you for watching this video If you guys are brand new to my channel make sure to go and subscribe.

.. so close to 300 thousand subscribers drop a like on the video I’ll catch you guys in the next one have a great day and, peace out. If you enjoyed this video by Serum, Make sure to drop a like. Serum is such a talented, good looking young man so he will make you want to visit his channel… everyday! If you like all of his daily Call of Duty videos, then you will become a CoD god, just like Serum is! It is rumored that Lucas has hit countless sixons So, if you’re new to Serum’s channel, make sure to subscribe. Hashtag, Lucas for life!.

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