Using the Camera (Burst Shot) — Samsung Galaxy S III Sprint – Howtoshtab – how to, lifehacks, tips and tricks

Use the Burst Shot feature of your camera to capture great moments. Watch this video to learn how on your Samsung Galaxy S III from Sprint. To begin, touch Apps from any home screen. Then find and select the Camera application. Now touch the Settings icon. Here you have the option to change your camera settings like Flash settings, Shooting mode, and Autofocus. Touch Shooting mode; then select Burst shot. This new feature allows you to take a rapid amount of photos to capture moments. Touch the button next to Best shot to turn Best shot on. Best Shot allows you to take a series of quick photos, and then select your favorite shot.

To take the series of photos, touch and hold the camera button. Now touch OK to view your photos. Touch and hold your favorite photos until you see a thumbs up icon. When you have selected your favorites, touch Done. For quick access to these photos, touch the photo thumbnail. As you can see, your favorite photos will appear in your Gallery..

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