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Zildjian, 2012. That’s when the world ended. Wait a minute. What is this? Oh, okay, that’s normal. Again, really light on the power-ups. I’m not sure why these ROM hacks don’t want us to have fun. What’s that, bruh? You want a mushroom? You want a fire flower? Nah, I got this key for you brah. We’ll make you carry it through the whole level, and it won’t even open anything. Super Mario World: Chaos Complexx. Okay, so, so far this is pretty different. Music is the same. “The princess is again kidnapped by bowser period go to his castle and save princes” Princes? “princes and have fun.

Thanks. Sorry for my bad English. Wow, look at this, this is… “I’m not at home. This isn’t my home. Sorry Mario. Yoshi’s in another house” Alright, “field of koopers” Wow, look how much effort was put into this romhack. “Hi, player. This is my hack, but it’s the best game evar played, cuz it’s better than all the other you will see it, play.” He just threw shit onto the original levels. Why’d he double the pipes? I love it. Three Yoshi coins in a row and a floating dinosaur head. We don’t need the bottom. Wait a minute. Was that an upside-down fish? (Gordon Ramsey Impression) Oh God. Oh God! and [Laughter] Why are there so many? “Yeah, now game will be very aesy becaurse you hit switch now.

” Alright, field of koopers 2. You guys want to see some lag? Level will be easier with yellow y-e-l-l-o-h blocks. I can say that to you. Thanks? I love this guy, the creator. He’s like my friend. “This called field field of koopers because I put many koopas in level.” “Hope you like”… Wait a second. What is this? Why, why is Yoshi look like that? “Here, it’s dangererous now the big enemy wants to kill you fast. Go to him and we will see, what’s happened.” Go to him and we will see what it– Yes, we will. What the fuck is this… abomination of level design? “Don’t stay her any longer time go in the door and you will see how great my hack is.” “It’s great, you will see.” “Watch out…” Guys, we’re gonna see how great it is.

Tucker Friendperson that’s his last name Friendperson. That’s per–Oh, that’s cheap shit. That is not changed. I don’t think he could figure out how to replace bosses. “Yeehaw. You finished today the first world good this hack is going much more better excellent level design is coming next wold” Hope you play it this hack rules, really. Jigsaw’s. There he is. There he is on the wall. Jigsaw. “So Mario, do you actually possess the will to live? The surface is just through the door. Live or die, the choice is yours. Am I just expected to find the exit? You’ve found a rusty– oh, of course. I saw the rusty hammer there. (Cartoon Luigi Impression) Oh, Mario! (Cartoon Luigi Impression) I’ve been looking for him for a week. (Cartoon Luigi Impression) He went off with someone named, uh.

.. Puzzle piece or something. I don’t know where he is. (Cartoon Mario Impression) How much pain are you willing to suffer in order to save your own life? The clock is ticking! Is that enough pain for you, puzzle piece? I’m dead. “Not even Jumpman could cross you find yourself decent supply of oxygen. “But you are doomed to spend the rest of your days within this pit of despair and lost hope” Game over. Alright, well fuck you. I’ll pose the question to you guys for you all to answer yourselves, individually. Is this an art style, or is this just cheating? Okay. You know what this looks like? Remember the TI-86 calculator games? We snuck Mario onto, and now all those other games that were just shit, but we played them in math class because why not? You do that at school. Still? That’s still happening? You guys are still… why am I still playing this? Hey– that’s a real question. Welcome to the demo version of Windows Mario World.

A little repetitive, but it’s okay, I guess. Windows 98, look at that. Mission one: Chicken collector, coin value will reset. Mission two: Lab chicken fetch. What? Hey, I know this. Joshi! [Laughter] Why is it spelled Joshi? So, instead of saying collect all the coins, It was like no no no, brah. Chickens. [Duck noises] Mario was getting ready for Thanksgiving by tidying up his house. Then he remembered he hadn’t gotten the turkey yet. What is that? What is this? Is that a turkey? Wow, look at this clusterfuck of a level. “This cool background effect was my great idea you see” “This hack have some awesome new and completely good things and stuff”.

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