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Classified gauntlet Review Classified’s Gauntlet released this past Tuesday. This is the first Gauntlet I have had the time and motivation to see all the way through. How does it rank up and is it fun? Let’s discuss the basic mechanics of Gauntlet first. You play through 30 different challenges of “increasing” difficulty until you complete them all or receive three strikes. Receiving a strike does not allow you to skip the failed challenges. Players restart the level with their current loadout with no real penalty besides the strike and losing out on that ohhhh so saught after sticker emblem… yeee.

Gauntlets are a simple concept that takes advantage of new game mode additions of mutations and zombie rush. Playing through Classified’s challenge is a fun time. Classified feels like an easier gauntlet compared to IX and Voyage of Despair. Currently, I think Voyage is the Hardest, then IX, and then Classified in terms of difficulty. My rationale is inside Classified we don’t have any truly difficult challenges like the defenses of 9 different areas in IX or Voyage’s Essex rounds or loadout reset in the 20s. Additionally, inside Classified we don’t have to contend with Blight Fathers, Boss Zombies, or catalysts zombies. Dogs and Nova crawlers are much easier to manage than the onslaught of enemies inside the Chaos storyline. Some of my favorite challenges were Shock and Awe, Time to Panic, and Anywhere but WTF. I don’t think I have stated this before, but whoever is naming these challenges is doing a fantastic job. I sincerely enjoy the charm in each of the challenge names.

Shock and Awe encourage players to learn the map to find both electrical traps. It further rewards players for using the modifier on PHD where you can slide through traps to take no damage. I really enjoyed training the zombies around trying to corral them through the electric traps upstairs. Time to panic is a great time to unload on nova crawlers inside the panic room. It brings back the nostalgia I have camping inside the panic room in Black Ops 1 with my friends until about round 34. That was one of the most fun times I ever played in the past on FIVE. This challenge hit me hard in the nostalgia. Anywhere but WTF? Is a solid concept and a good challenge. If you don’t make it a point to kill zombies you can easily blow this round during the time limit. It changes how you play because at any moment you might get zipped away. Pack-A-Punching becomes a worrisome proposition during this challenge because of the looming threat of losing your weapon. For my least favorite challenges, I’d have to say All Enemies are Sprinting, 5 Unique wall buys, CQZ, and the return of On the clock.

My issues with All Enemies are Sprinting, 5 Unique Wall Buys, and CQZ are the fact that it doesn’t change my gameplay at all. They play like a normal round of zombies. To be fair, these could be great chances to get things set up for the next difficult challenge, but during Gauntlet’s I hope to have a unique gameplay challenge every round. As for On the Clock, I find it inconsistent with my enjoyment of the mode. It has shown up on Voyage of Despair where I experienced the same issues. Both times I failed when I grabbed or used one to two nukes with ample time left. The de-spawn respawn kills your chance at finishing the round quickly, except if you camp in a super-fast spawning area. In Voyage, I could sit at the deck spawn and in Classified in the top floor evaluator and have no problem completing the challenge even with the use of Nukes.

While getting one to two nukes resulted in a failure for me in other locations where zombies were spawning at reasonable rates. I think there is a solid argument to be made that the point of the quick round challenge is to force players to the places with the quickest spawns. My hold up is the inconsistency of nukes especially because they are a limited resource. My next criticism of Gauntlet are Elixirs you earn through the slot machine system grant huge advantages to players who use them inside Gauntlets. I think there is an equally solid argument to be made that Gauntlet’s are pay to win. I am curious if Treyarch play tests Gauntlets with the standard elixirs only to see what a difference it is to play with or without them. In their live stream, they had near unlimited uses of their common up to epic elixirs. In particular, the player in the gameplay had near unlimited insta-kills which are a HUGE advantage in Gauntlets. Nukes and Insta-kills could be argued as a pay to win mechanic inside any given Gauntlets.

This is compounded by the problem of poor rewards throughout Black Ops 4 zombies. Receiving a Calling Card and Sticker doesn’t motivate players to want to beat Gauntlets. Then when they do complete the Gauntlets now, we have to question the validity of their accomplishment. Did they actually earned it as a test of skill or did they spammed their pay to win elixirs to get through the harder challenges? Anytime I felt like I could lose, I popped a Nuke and it saved the day besides the quick round challenge (depending on my location). Since we are in the business of constructive feedback and criticism here on YouTube, the following are my suggestions. To start, Gauntlets should reward players with a custom camo to be applied to all guns. Next, a flawless completion gets an exclusive zombie only mastery camo to show off in game. These rewards are a start to making Black Ops 4 zombies a more rewarding process. There are a lot of fundamental issues that we are not getting into this video in terms of rewards. I want to look at this moving forward because that is a more realistic approach to changing Black Ops 4 zombies. Saying “I wish they did this before” doesn’t fix the problem today.

Now with these Gauntlet rewards, there are still more you can do to encourage replicability and fun. Allow players to earn more XP than normal every time the complete 10 rounds of gauntlet no matter how many times they have done it. Flawless Gauntlets should really bump up a players level. Maybe if they are level 1 it could be a level jump to 25 in terms of XP earned for a flawless Gauntlet run. That amount of XP is typically a few hours work in one game on a double XP weekend. Next, when a player completes a Gauntlet, regardless of strikes give them a few random legendary or epic elixirs. For flawless runs give the a few random talismans and epic elixirs. This encourages players to play the mode over to receive new rewards, level up, and use their rewards in ways they never would have got to otherwise. A suggestion for future challenges would be giving players access to an elixir for a round challenge. It would automatically be added to their inventory even if they don’t have any.

Give them unlimited uses and quick cooldowns so they can learn about the elixir. Players can discover if the elixirs are actually fun! This rebalances the “pay to win” aspect when players can earn these elixirs at faster rates than what we currently experience. Players who invest their time will be able to keep up with those who shell out cash. My last bit of feedback is the need for grand finales to Gauntlets. IX was the best Gauntlet so far fighting the Elephant boss at round 30. Creating something special for Classified could have really sparked some interest. Going to area 51 for round 30 felt like a normal round. The final stand at area 51 is cool, but hell clear out all the garbage. Let Samantha start talking. She spawns a crap ton of dogs that rush the player standing near the teleporter, then a bunch of Novas, then a mess of zombies as the sky is cracking lighting flashing or even having the rockets hit earth during the sequence.

Create a theatrical end to these Gauntlets. Mix it up to blow players away! In conclusion, Classified is a solid Gauntlet. I believe it to be the easiest so far. I think Treyarch has a long way to go in terms of rewarding players. This game mode has potential now that I have given up on what this game could have been. If you hate Black Ops 4, I would suggest trying to not take the game seriously anymore. I have had a lot more fun since I let go of my care for the story. One quick note, the additions of loot boxes are horrible. I don’t even know where to start with that catastrophe. Just as I have hope in this game again, they sneak that garbage back in. I had massive issues with their crypto keys in BO3. It is shameful to see them back in Black Ops 4 especially when free to play games have better models. I mean duplicates? Really? No way to earn them in the game in a reasonable manner? Come on Treyarch. Anyway, please subscribe and hit the bell if you want notifications of my videos.

I am streaming Resident Evil 2 on Twitch today at 6 pm est. It has been a blast so far. *Insert reed jumps* I will be turning those gameplays into a review of Resident Evil 2 once I complete it. Leave a rating if you enjoyed and if you care to click through a bunch of my videos before leaving YouTube. It helps with my videos getting suggested. It clearly made a huge difference in my previous uploads, so thank you! I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know what you think of my reward suggestions in the comments below along with your opinions of the classified Gauntlet! Thank you for taking time out of your day to watch my videos and I will see you in the next one! Bye!.

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