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Hey babe! i’m home and motivated to do my homework! babe? Did you do your homework? Nope not yet, but after this .. game??? You haven’t done it yet? I..I’ll start immediately! But first baby..I’m so incredibly hungry Can you make some food fo… I think your butt is hungry! So you think i have nothing better to do thank cooking for you? Who do you think you are? Don’t you dare doing something else, when i see you again I only have to do one homework, where i need to write an essay Can’t be so difficult 30 minutes later Wa.

..water… Hu…hungry Huh? shit, almost one hour passed and no progression yet I don’t want this to take the whole day. I still have plans for today Like..like for example *other voice* Fortnite… Huh? Who’s there? hmm..nevermind, let’s continue *chanting* fortnite, fortnite, fortnite I know you’re there, show yourself! *Evil laugh* What’s it good for? Who are you? I am… batman! No you fool! I’m your weaker self! And now… Submit to my will! You want me to play with the Nintendo Switch Instead of doing my homework? err…. actually Fortnite.. But who cares! You have no choice! Once it’s in your hand All your worries will perish I… Can’t… Let this happen But.. I can’t withstand it! *Screams painfully* Babe, why are you screaming? Please..please nooo.. Welcome to a new episode of “I make up my boyfriend!” Yo people, you might have noticed, it’s more anime like than usual I mean, i usually got some kind of anime style in my videos But this one is mega mega anime like Hope you liked it! It was an experiment for me! Write down in the comments if you liked it.

Maybe you guys want more anime-like stuff like this one. Or maybe not, just tell me You also might have noticed the wall behind me is more complete Our home is slowly taking shape Soon i can make a real roomtour and also stream again! See you next time!.

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