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TALL SMALL BIG THIN! Today I am gonna ask a couple of Japanese people what kind of body type they would prefer in their partner. Obviously we are looking at the outsides today but let’s see what they are actually looking at? What height and weight do you like a man to have? I am 165cm (5.4ft) so he should be taller than that. As long as he is taller than I, it’s fine. As long as he is taller than you. One 1cm taller is already ok? – 1cm…? – But what if you wear heels! If I wear heels and my boyfriend looks smaller than me..

. so he should still be taller than I, even if I am wearing heels. He should be 180cm (5.9ft)… is that too tall?! Maybe 170cm then (5.5ft)?! 170cm…. Maybe 170cm leaning towards 180cm (5.9ft) 165cm (5.4ft) are still ok! Ah yes, because you are tiny! But that’s true, depends on your size… Can he be a little bit smaller than you? – I guess.. – Never never! – No way! I am fine with that. – If he was smaller than I, he would be so tiny. – That’s true. – I wouldn’t like that. – Like this?! – Honey Pie! – No way! Would you date a smaller boy? A smaller boy… I am 163 cm (5.3 ft) so he would have to be at least 165 cm (5.4 ft). – So he would have to be a little bit taller. – Yes! – Why so? I would worry about how we would look next to each other if the height isn’t right. I am 155cm (5.0 ft) so he would have to be at least 165 (5.4 ft). I mean even if he was a bit taller than me, he would be so small. That’s why he should be taller than 165cm. He should be taller than 170cm (5.5 ft.

– Why so? -If I wear heels, I don’t want to be taller than him! Some girls think of their fashion when they select their partner That’s right. He would have to be at least 175cm (5.7ft). He should be skinnier than me. Looking almost malnourished. – Like a very skinny model? – Yes! I don’t have a height wish but I would like him to be skinny. He shouldn’t be too skinny or too chubby. He should just be right in the middle. I don’t have any weight wishes, but he should be physically fit. I want him to look manly. I want to work out together and get toned together. So he should also be up for working out with you. When men look slightly wild, they look very manly, in my opinion. I am not bothered about his weight.

He shouldn’t be fat, but also not too skinny. Just right. – Any weight wishes? – He shouldn’t be skinnier than I am! I would hate it, if we walked next to each other and he is skinnier than I am! -If the boy was skinnier than you, you would worry about your own weight?! – I would. – Thank you! – Thank you! Looks like most girls would date someone who is at least 165cm (5.4ft). So you would have to be a little bit taller than them, and what really surprised me, most of them are thinking of their heels. So you should still be taller than the girl, even if she is wearing heels… Well they didn’t quite classify whether they meant normal heels or maybe super big plateau heels that you can buy nowadays in Harajuku. Anyways, how about you girls? Would you date someone who is taller than you? How much taller should he be? Would you date someone who is smaller than you? Guys, same for you. Would you date a girl that is taller than you? Let is know! Leave us a message in the box below! Looking forward to reading it! Bye!.

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