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Ladies and gentlemen, a 9th and hopefully final pre-release for Minecraft Java Edition 1.13 has been released. We’re still scheduled to release this version on Wednesday that is in 2 days from now, so there are not that many new things and changes in this version. It’s mainly a performance and stability release, but some new things as well. My name is slicedlime come with me and let me show you those things. Let’s start with the main purpose of this release. It is a performance release primarily. Performance has been improved overall but specifically, the world upgrade performance.

Performance has been bad in the worlds from previous versions before And that is because when all the world chunks are loaded, they get converted to the new format on the fly, and this process has been very heavy on performance. Hopefully this should be better in this version, so if you have an old world that has had problems like that in the previous pre-releases, go ahead and test it out on this one. There’s also a crash fix for a cliff rendering problem that happened when you try to open the language settings screen. In addition to that, some settings and the user interface fixes. Controlled settings from Minecraft version of 1.12.2 got completely lost when upgrading to Minecraft 1.13 pre-releases. That’s fixed in this version.

And for user interface, some sounds were missing their subtitles. That’s fixed in this version. And the newest Minecraft Java Edition developer *inaudible* aka Cory was not in the credits that’s also fixed in this version. There was a confusing error message. If you try to join the server with the wrong pre-release version and a couple of username tab-completion problems have been fixed. And those are all the changes for this version. If you want to try it out, open your Minecraft Launcher and go to launch options. Enable snapshots in there, read the message, and click OK now head back to the news tab, where in the drop down box next to the play button, you should now have a latest snapshot profile. Select that and start the game to play the latest snapshot or pre-release version.

Which is currently this one, Minecraft 1.13 pre-release 9 We’re just a few days away from the full release of this version, but still pre-releases are less tested than in full releases so if you do try to it, do so on a separate test world, or make sure you have a backup of your world. And that was all from me for this time, my name is slicedlime, thank you for watching, and I’ll see you next time..

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