Why Did They Stop Making Trix Yogurt?

Why Did They Stop Making Trix Yogurt? When Trix first hit shelves in 1954, it was an instant hit with kids. But by the early 2000s, the yogurt market had changed and Trix was no longer a top seller.

When it comes to discontinued foods, there’s always a lot of speculation as to why they’re no longer being made. In the case of Trix yogurt, there are a few possible explanations. 

Trix yogurt was first introduced in 1974 and was marketed as a healthy alternative to ice cream. It was available in three flavors: strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. The yogurt was made with real fruit and had a thick, creamy texture. It was a hit with kids and adults alike and quickly became one of the most popular yogurts on the market. 

So what happened? Why did they stop making Trix yogurt?

There are a few possible reasons. First, yogurt companies began to focus more on marketing yogurt as a health food, and Trix didn’t really fit that image. Second, the company that made Trix yogurt, General Mills, also made a competing yogurt product called Yoplait.

Yoplait had a similar texture and taste to Trix, but it was marketed as a healthier option. This likely led to confusion among consumers and may have contributed to the decline in sales of Trix yogurt. 

Other theory says that in 1984, General Mills announced that it was discontinuing production of Trix yogurt. This decision was made due to declining sales and profitability. There are a number of reasons why Trix yogurt sales may have declined in recent years. First, the yogurt market is increasingly competitive.

There are now many different brands and flavors of yogurt available, and Trix simply couldn’t keep up. Second, General Mills may have made the mistake of changing the Trix yogurt formula in an attempt to make it healthier. This change likely made the yogurt less tasty, and customers simply stopped buying it.

Finally, it’s possible that Trix simply fell out of favor with consumers. Trends change, and what was popular in the 1980s simply isn’t as popular now. Whatever the reason for the decline in sales, it’s clear that General Mills made the right call in discontinuing production of Trix yogurt.

The brand simply wasn’t profitable anymore, and there was no reason to keep it on store shelves.

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