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[intro] >> Ask VeLL: Alright family, we’re back with another Mobile Legends video and before we get into Into the topic I want to let you ll know I’ve added closed captions to this video so you all can follow along using youtubes closed captions if you find it difficult to keep up with fast spoken english. I’ve paid attention to your comments and I want to make my videos more clear and enjoyable for everyone so hopefully this helps. Now, the topic we’ll be going over in this video is, why zilong shouldn’t be used while solo ranking in mobile legends. Zilong used to be one of the staple heroes in Mobile Legends which is why he’s so popular and he used to be one of the best heroes in the game a year ago. What we’ll be talking about is how this year has completely changed how valuable he is and the difference in where we are in the current meta, and why he used to be dominate in the past meta.

Every update changes are made to the meta, some big and others not so big. The biggest change that made zilong a bad pick is when the mages first got their huge buff. That patch shifted everything and gave mages a huge advantage over the other groups. Present day, mages don’t have that insanely huge advantage like before, but they’re still a very dominate force in the game. Currently, assassins and mages bring the most to any team. Zilong used to be great when we were in the marksman meta, because he’s capable of bulling just about anyone in a 1 on 1 situation. So he was powerful because he could pull an adc close and destroy them before they could react. The shift in the meta hurt zilong because now, many of the mages and assassins can kill just as fast as he can but also, we’ve had some new additions that have a lot of crowd control.

There are quit a large number of heroes that can slow and stun now. Back when zilong was in his prime, there were very few heroes with crowd control and among them were freya, alpha, and ruby. Now in mobile legends just about everyone has some form of crowd control. A lot of people still pick zilong because he’s very good a split pushing as well as killing. The problem is, split pushing is something that should be rare, and it’s also something that requires team work and the right team composition. If you have a team full of squishy heroes like, mages and marksman. They can’t survive a 5v4 so split pushing with zilong instantly costs your team the game. Even if you have the right team that can take on 5 people long enough to get a decent split push, that doesn’t mean the people you are matched up with are good enough to play their heroes well and hold off 5 people.

There are so many variables that have to align for zilong to be a good pick that it’s much better not to play him currently. You have to have the right sustainable heroes, you have to have 4 other teammates who are good with their heroes, you have to communicate with the team so they know the strategy you’re trying to do. You have to hope they know that strategy even exists. You cant assume everyone even knows what split pushing is. some people just think you’re running off on your own not helping the team. There are so many things that can go wrong. But also lets switch gears a bit here and talk about team fighting. Let’s say you don’t wanna to split push and you want to use zilong as a team player. That’s when you have to consider what value you want zilong to bring your team and if theres any other hero that can bring more value than he can. Because we’re in the meta where crowd control is king, just about every other hero brings more value in a team fight. It would be unfair to compare zilong to assassins like, lancelot, natalia, and saber, so lets compare him to the fighters.

Who brings more to a team fight, zilong or freya. Zilong can dive and pull. But keep in mind if it’s a team fight and he dives in he might be able to pull one enemy to the team for a free kill, but soon as that happens, everyone will focus him and burst him down. Compared to freya. If freya jumps in the same as zilong, she has multiple stuns that can literally make all 5 enemies useless for a few seconds. Freya gives you the chance to kill 5 people, zilong is only 1. Ruby can also pull the entire team and stun them which gives you the chance to kill 5 people and stun them. Alpha, can dive into 5 people and gives you the chance to kill them. Basically what we’re talking about is a guy who can pull people close 1 by one, and heroes who can jump on all 5 at the same time. It’s not even a comparison really. Lets go to someone like argus, he cant stun 5 people, but he is very valuable as an off tank. He can keep the whole team distracted because he becomes invinsible for a few seconds. In a 1 on 1 situation argus is very easy to kill if you wait for his ultimate to run out, but during a team fight when your whole team jumps in, the enemy team wont have the luxuring of only focusing on argus.

They have to focus on everyone else which leaves argus room to do a lot of damage with no one even realizing how valuable he is to the team fight. My point is, there are so many other heroes that gives your team a better chance of winning that choosing zilong only hurts a team. Zilong cant split push without teamwork, good players, and the right heroes, and he doesn’t bring much to team fights compared to everyone else. Zilong is a hero that shouldn’t be used when you’re solo ranking. You have to put your team first. That’s the only way to have a fair chance at winning. But even though zilong, doesn’t fit in the current meta and he’s not a good pick. I have been thinking of some changes I think that would bring him back into the meta and make him one of the best hereoes for a team again.

If you want me to make a video giving you all my thoughts on how he can be buffed to fit into the meta, let’s get this video to 500 likes and I’ll make another one explaining how zilong can be great again. I hope you found this video helpful and this explained why there is so much hate when zilong is picked in the game. Basically you’re hurting your team when you choose him so it’s kind of understandable why everyone would be mad at you. In the comment section let me know some of the changes you think the Mobile Legends team could make so that zilong can be a good pick once again. What does he need to be great? Lets talk about it down below in the comment section. Thanks for watching family, and I’ll catch yall on the next one. Peace out yo. [outro].

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