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Hello YouTube. Today I’m going to be talking about the Windows 10 spyware which has been a very controversial topic online about whether or not windows 10 spies on it’s users and how it spies on it’s users. It’s been quite unclear, there’s been a lot of rumors, gibberish, news articles talking about this but there hasn’t been really anything proven regarding whether or not you’re getting spied on. The first clue to all this which I will tell you is that: “If you are not paying for the product, you are the product” and the first thing that happened when Windows 10 launched was that they launched it for free. You could own Windows 10 for a year on a trial basis and then you had to pay some money for it. The reason why this is very profitable is because Microsoft is collecting a lot of data from your computer and in this video I’m going to show you a Russian hacker that proves that Windows is spyware by using his own tool and I’m also going to show some of the articles that touched briefly on the subject.

If we look here now we see that the Russian’s video and this video is from his YouTube channel. I’m going to link this in the description as well. He’s using a program called Smart sniff here this is what’s important. Smart sniff takes packages that you send from your computer to the Internet and it intercepts that and he has a list of all the packages sent from his computer here in this list and he intercepts one from local port: 54106. What he does is he takes his package and he saves it on his desktop. When it is saved on his desktop he uses a program called RSA_Decrypter which is a private tool that he made himself or he found somewhere because I could not find this program online, it’s pretty hard to find also decrypting is said that it’s very hard to do according to the Internet takes a lot of effort but he does it here in this video he decrypts one.txt file and then after he’s decrypted it he’s given two files these are bin files but what happens is when he renames the bin files to PNG here, the interesting part is that these are pictures of his desktop and you say: why does your computers send pictures of your desktop? well Microsoft spies on you, of course.

They spy on everything you type, everything you say, through the Cortana assistant and they say they collect this information because they want to improve their software. How does Microsoft improve Windows by taking pictures of your desktop? The only thing I can imagine what this has to do with, has to do with how you interact with software but it’s not taking a live stream of your desktop and sending it there is not a constant feed of video, it’s just random pictures every minute that it takes of your desktop but obviously if you were doing something illegal on Windows 10 right now there will be solid proof sent to microsoft’s service right now. I’m not saying you should be doing anything illegal, I’m just saying you should be aware that everything you have in front of you on Windows 10 if you’re using Windows 10 has been sent to Microsoft servers now and in the past.

Problem with getting spied on by Microsoft, Apple or any other software organization is that they, most likely sell your information to data mining collection agencies or they use it to improve their software for the future. Problem is your passwords your emails everything is read your bank account your credit card anything you can see they can see so even if you go in and customize the settings for your privacy you can obviously say it says: personalize your speech typing and inking by sending contacts and calendar details along with other associated input data to Microsoft. Why do they need your contacts and calendar details that sounds like a pyramid scheme really? And then send typing and inking data to Microsoft to improve the recognition and suggestion platform. This has to do with the grammar like predicts what you’re going to write so that they can predict your grammar in English language and in other languages but I mean you don’t have to be part of that but as you can clearly see: Send typing and inking. Which means typing which means your passwords.

Microsoft has your passwords if you’ve entered them into Windows 10. Apps use your advertising ID. That’s it, this is another part of it as I said before: If you’re not paying for it, you are the product and they have specific advertising IDs for every user which they use to customize and adapt the ads they show you later when you use Bing products and such and such. Also the location including location history is sent to Microsoft and trusted partners. What? Facebook, NSA? We don’t know who the trusted partner is and we don’t care seriously. Even if you turn these off there’s no guarantee that they will stop spying on you so you can’t trust this menu, you can leave them on or off, it doesn’t really matter, because they will still still spy on you. The difference is probably: if they spy on you after you turn all these options off, is that maybe they won’t send it to anyone they just collect it for themselves. You don’t know and you have all kinds of privacy option let Apps use my ID for an ideal experience across the apps.

Turn on SmartScreen Filter to check web content that Windows Store apps. There’s all these things but you you really need to think about your privacy as the pigs here: Isn’t it great we have to pay nothing for the barn and the food is free. you know what pigs are usually in the meat industry, they’re going off to get slaughtered for their meat and we according to them are cattle so you need to really start working on caring about these issues. And then of course you’re going to say: Well I have nothing to hide so I have nothing to fear. You say, well that’s great for you that you’re not a terrorist which is very good, I admire that you’re not a terrorist or that you’re not an unlawful criminal or whatever you’re doing in your life but if you do not care about what data Microsoft collects on you here’s a little test for you I want you to write in the comment’s field your first name, your family name and then your credit card information and your CCV and then I want you to type your email and the password for that email in the comment’s field.

If you have nothing to worry about privacy you can just type that out. You mean you have nothing to worry about right? Well you say: Oh but that’s hypocritical and that’s not the same argument. But it is. Microsoft has your email, they have your password. They can access it NSA can ask Microsoft to access it you have no idea, you don’t know anything about it, so you need to really care about these issues, otherwise in the future you will live in the 1984 dystopia pictured in the book by the same name by George Orwell. And everyone talks about George Orwell a lot and you think: Oh it’s just a running gag. It’s really not you need start caring about these things otherwise you will be as cattle in a farm, you will be tagged and then you’ll be sent to the slaughter house when your time is given. Start caring..

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