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( car horn beeping ) ( beeping continues ) MAN: Come on! Honey, just pass him. Come on! Calm down and just pass him. WILLOWS: Hey, Jim! We got a call. A possible 4-19. Is there a dead body or not? That arm crash-landed on the windshield of the car. According to the driver, it shot out from under the bus. Generally speaking, where there’s an arm, there’s a body. What say we check out the bus? Good call. Now, the, uh, passengers were on their way to St. Matthew’s Church in Pioche. They were from a work release program at Nevada Correctional Institution.

Okay, well, I got some blood on the wheel well. Oh, yeah, that’s a definite on the 4-19. Um, well… appears to be female. Caucasian. Tied to the undercarriage… maybe. Hitch a ride under a bus. Well, that’s one way to get out jail. Yeah, and I bet this big boy spit out body parts all the way down the road. So… the bus is traveling 65 miles per hour. What’s the distance from the tip of her nose to the tip of her toes? Captioning sponsored by CBS, C.S.I. PRODUCTIONS and Volkswagen. On the road of life there are passengers and there are drivers. ♪ Who… are you? ♪ ♪ Who, who, who, who? ♪ ♪ Who… are you? ♪ ♪ Who, who, who, who? ♪ ♪ I really wanna know ♪ ♪ Who… are you? ♪ ♪ Oh-oh-oh ♪ ♪ Who… ♪ ♪ Come on, tell me who are you, you, you ♪ ♪ Oh, you! ♪ Well, looks like she used strips from a white cotton sheet. Yeah, use whatever’s available when you’re breaking out of prison, I guess.

Low thread count. Average tensile strength wasn’t strong enough to support her weight. ( gasps ) ( screams ) The torque of the spinning axle ripped her apart like the rubber off a bad retread. Yep. If she’d used a nylon rope, she’d be on her way to Tijuana. Right. I’ll call Auto Detail, have the bus sent to the garage, yeah? Oh, hey, after that, grab Sarah and go directly to jail. I’m going to supervise this body part collection. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Okay, David, I think that’s it. I’ll get these parts to Dr. Robbins. He’ll start putting her back together. ( siren wails in distance ) Helter-skelter. Yeah… except there’s no blood spatter on the walls or the ceiling. BROWN: We have the murder weapon. Stabbed in the chest. ( grunts ) There’s two of them in that apartment. The name’s Adanto Adams.

He don’t live in that apartment. He’s visiting from out of town. That’s Zero’s little brother. Zero? Zero Adams. He’s the one who lives there. Well, unless he was bending over the sofa with his chest pushed against this cushion, this bloodstain is inconsistent with that wound. Paul, would you turn him over for us? Oh, yeah. Stabbed in the chest and the back. So, uh, where is this Zero now? I don’t know. I’m not his mother. I’m his landlord. Well, if you see him, give me a call. Yeah, yeah, sure. When I do a jigsaw puzzle, I like to start with a corner piece. When the puzzle’s a body, the corner piece is the pelvis. Oh, uh, Nick ID’d your vic. She missed her last bed check. Convict #6920. Antoinette Stella. Two-year sentence for identity theft.

She was due for release next month. Guess she was in a hurry. No, she wasn’t trying to escape. She was murdered. I dissected her arm. The blood in the brachial artery is clotted, which is indicative of a post-mortem laceration. Have you determined the cause of death? Yep. Cranio-cerebral injury… …due to blunt- force trauma. Depressed skull fracture imbedded with tiny white fibers. Given the depth and position of the, uh, fracture, the head with something hard on the inside and white and fuzzy on the outside. I’d like a clean look at that fracture. Sure. I’ll start her bath. Anything else? Well, you might her left forearm. Birthmark? Rap sheet’s referenced “dermatological anomalies.” According to her, she didn’t have any. I’ll take a slice down to Histology. WARDEN: We locked down as soon as we got the call.

We do bed checks six times a day. All inmates were accounted for at 1300 hours. STOKES: What time did the bus leave for church? WOMAN: 1330. Hey, sexy, how ’bout you come back here on your day off? No gag reflex. Watch it, Harris. Got a drawer full of C-9s with your name on ’em. What are you lookin’ at? What can you tell us about the vic? WARDEN: Antoinette? She was popular with the other inmates. No enemies to speak of. This was Antoinette’s cell. Christine, you’re going to step out. Officer. When’s the last time you saw Baby Girl? I’ll need to check my calendar. Don’t get stupid on me, Christine. Baby Girl– was that a street name? Yes. That’s what everyone called her. Christine? I saw Baby Girl at lunch ’bout an hour before we got on the bus.

Hey, that’s my locker. I didn’t take none of Baby’s stuff. Didn’t say you did. Look… I didn’t hardly know Baby Girl. She only lived up in here eight days. Eight days? In this cell. Few weeks ago, I found her smuggling contraband. It was just a silver necklace. Inmates aren’t allowed jewelry. It wasn’t a major infraction, but I transferred her cell. SIDLE: Makeup, deodorant, shampoo. Inmates are allowed commissary visits once a month, unless they rack up two weeks in nights. SIDLE: Do you keep track of purchases? I can get you a list. And just for the record, in the state of Nevada, there’s never been a homicide in a female correctional facility. Until now. What are you doing? I’m ruling you out as a suspect, ma’am. ( sighs ) No evidence of blood.

I could’ve told you that. Warden, could you show us where the bus was parked before it left the facility? The bus was stationed right here. Are you the only driver? Only bus driver. Got my CDLC last May. MAN ( over P.A. system): Attention, inmates… Officer, before you drove out of here, did you inspect the vehicle? Miss… Sidle, I don’t get time to scratch my ass. I haven’t had a junior officer in my department in two years. Now, usually, I work the road, and when the warden asks, I take inmates on field trips. Did you know the dead woman, Baby Girl, Antoinette Stella? Start seeing ’em as real people, start carin’ when they go back to their pimp dealer scumbag boyfriend? That’s enlightened. That’s reality. No sign of a struggle, no evidence of a body drag. If the attack didn’t happen in her cell or in here, maybe it happened on the bus. SIDLE: Who maintains your transpo fleet? Fleet? We got three antique buses. Inmates do all the work. You allow inmates to service your prison vehicles? You bet.

On Saturday, I even bring in my SUV. Juanita washes it. Ain’t that right, Juana? I’ve got to get something on top of my $11.65 an hour. Look, we’re in the middle of the desert. We’re a hundred miles from the pit of nowhere. Is that gate always unlocked? It’s not like someone’s going to hot-wire the bus and hightail it out of here. Right, so essentially anyone in the prison population could have walked into the garage, onto the bus and no one would have said boo? Boo. ♪ ♪ MAN: I got a call at work and was told to get over here right away and he’s not here. Detective, I got your page. Hey, we were canvassing the area when Mr. Samuels showed up. He says he’s the tenant’s guardian. He’s got questions. So do I. Mr. Samuels, I’m Warrick Brown. I’m from the Crime Lab.

What happened to Zero? There’s crime tape on his door. These guys won’t let me in. His brother was murdered. Adanto. Did you know him? Yeah, I’ve known them both since they were kids. Frank… Zero. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry. Absorption. Blood? Yeah, and it’s more than just a paper cut. I’ll swab it for DNA. Florescence. Bluish-white. Acid phosphatase tests positive. What is semen doing in the back of a female prison bus? FRANK: It’s okay, Zero. Just answer the questions. I said I was sorry ’cause I’m not supposed to be out by myself. So, why did you go out? Well, I came home from special school, I found Adanto in the kitchen. When was the last time you talked to your brother? Just before school. What I’m about to tell you, you can’t tell anybody. No.

No, I won’t. Scout’s honor. We’re going to be rich like we always talked about. I love you, kid. I love you, too. Said he was going to buy me a shiny new car and a driver to take me anywhere I wanted to go. He said we were going to be rich. MAN ( over P.A. ): Inmates, you have ten minutes till bed check. WOMAN: Juanita’s in charge of bus detail. I’m sure she’ll be happy to answer your questions. Juanita? Do you recall the last time that you washed out the interior of the bus? Yesterday, a few hours before we left for work release. If something’s missing, it wasn’t me. You can check my locker. Did you notice anything unusual in the back of the bus? Like what? Blood or… semen? Didn’t see any blood. What about semen? Don’t they still do it in the backseat in the free world? Yeah. But I doubt if conjugal visits are permitted in a prison bus. Conjugal visits aren’t permitted anywhere. The ACLU was going to bring a case that’s…

The only men permitted in this correctional facility are the correctional officers. It’s a Class “D” felony for a CO to have sexual contact with an inmate. Lots of things are felonies, but people still do them. Otherwise, you and I’d be out of a job. HODGES: The white fibers from the head wound were straight out of any Wal-Market. 78% cotton, 14% polyester and seven percent nylon elastic. Sounds like we’re looking for a lethal pair of white underpants. Yeah, or a bra, pair of socks. The skin discoloration, that was a real challenge. You know, uh, on her forearm. Looked like a birthmark. Yeah, that skin sample was supposed to be sent to Histology. Yeah, well, they kicked it back to me. Uh, the coloration was an adulterant. Aluminum chelate of carminic acid. Aluminum ch.

..? I’ve never heard of this before. It’s a cochineal. A what? A cochineal. They’re scaled insects. Carminic acid is found in their intestines. It’s bitter, so it discourages predators. As a dye, it’s been prized for centuries. Since when did you become an insects expert? Entomology textbook. Grissom gave it to me last Christmas. When I can’t sleep, I read. Funny, I didn’t get a Christmas gift from Grissom. Did you? No. Uh, so, assuming that she was tattooed in prison, how’d she get a hold of the bugs? Well, um, cochineals feed on cactus plants. They probably grow wild in the prison yard. SIDLE: Baby Girl could’ve smashed up a few bugs, used the carminic acid to tattoo herself. Do you have a photo of the tattoo? Yeah. STOKES: Looks like a half moon.

Gang moniker, maybe. Every woman knows what that is. It’s a heart. Well, half a heart. Oh. Yeah. Where’s the other half? BROWN: Mr. Samuels, we found your prints on the knife used to kill Adanto Adams. Now, wait a minute. I didn’t stab Adanto. Oh, my God. Zero?! Zero?! ( grunts ) But you didn’t call 911. Or the police. You just took off? That’s a felony. Look, I was concerned about Zero. He’s a nine-year-old kid in a man’s body. I didn’t know if he did it. Zero’s like a son to me. I’ve been his guardian since he was 14. Everybody used to make fun of him. Called him “Zero.” I told him only special people get nicknames. Where’s his parents now? They passed away. He left a small inheritance for his boys… Zero doesn’t spend much. Okay, I’ll ask again. You found the body and then you went to work? I just needed some time to think. Well, you’ll get plenty of that now. 24 hours in a holding cell. Come on.

Let’s go. ROBBINS: It’s very peculiar. Take a look at his chest wound. No right or left angulation. No up or down. Straight in, straight out. GRISSOM: Well, the crime scene suggests he was moving around his apartment while being stabbed so, “straight in, straight out” doesn’t seem likely. Well, one time is an anomaly. Five times? All four back wounds are clustered and parallel. And the chest wound is at the same distance from the crown of his head as the other four. What about defensive wounds? There are none. Okay, so, he’s running around his apartment trying to get away from his attacker and he incurs no nicks or cuts? Nope. What else? Well, I found this in his stomach. Looks like a paper wad of some sort. Maybe a treasure map.

MAN: Good thing this guy’s not concerned with his cholesterol. He ate fatty foods. Paper’s pretty well preserved. Uh, most of the ink is washed off. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. There’s something there in the corner. ( camera servo clicking ) Help me put it in there, Warrick. Uh… “P-A… L…” Oh, The Palms. I know what this is. It’s a receipt for a marker. For ten grand. MAN: Oh, yeah, that’s him. Adanto Adams. Said he wanted to play BJ in the no-limit area. So I had the cage check his credit. Qualified for ten grand. Thank you. And I wrote him up. Did he have some kind of a system? They all got systems. This one was a small-time double-up type thing. Bet 100, lose; bet 200, lose. Bet four, lose. Double-up-till- you-win type thing.

Now, don’t you get anything other than a 20? Hmm? ( bangs table ) The one thing about systems in this town– if you got one, we want you here. Can I get a copy of that footage? Listen, you look familiar. I seen you before? You been in here? Maybe just on a case. How about that footage? Hey, got your page. What’s up? Oh, the warden faxed over Baby Girl’s commissary purchases. She bought one 20-count box of tampons every month like clockwork, but check out the last few months. What are you thinking? She might not have needed any for, oh, nine months? I think Baby Girl was having a baby. Skull’s not ready yet. Enzymes are still eating away at the proteins. Did you, by any chance, do a pregnancy test on Baby Girl? I thought she’d been incarcerated for the last 23 months. She had been.

Urine… you’re out. Okay… Home pregnancy test? About ten times cheaper than the brand sold by our medical supply company, and just as accurate. Eye on the bottom line. I find that very… Sexy? Prudent. But that was a good try. Yeah, plus sign. You know what that means. Who’s your daddy? Archie? Hey. Got your surveillance tape of Zero’s brother. Roll it. Now, according to the pit boss, the kid was playing a double-up system. What I want to know is, how many hands did he back himself up? Let’s find out. First hand, hundred. Loser. Second hand, 200. Lose. Third hand, 400. Lose. $800. So he’s doubling every bet. Yeah, that’s the classic double-up system. Go back out wide. Looks like he’s all in. Tenth bet, $51,200. Adanto has 20. He sticks. She has two up. Another two, and that’s four.

Two, three, two. That’s 11. Ace, ace, ace, ace. Fifteen. Six. Ten-card 21. What are the odds of that? The record’s an 11-card 21. That was back in ’78. So he loses $102,300 in ten hands. What’s the $10,000 marker for? Try to chase back the 102. He lost it all. He swallowed his loss. WOMAN ( over intercom ): All correctional officers report to reception. All COs to reception. Miss Willows. My COs are Level 3 peace officers. I will not subject them to a DNA lineup that is nothing more than a wild goose chase. We have probable cause to believe that a correctional officer was involved with Baby Girl. Involved in getting her pregnant, maybe, but that’s a far cry from homicide. Nevertheless, as you pointed out, sex with an inmate is a crime. Which is the basis for my warrant. Okay, everybody, can I have your attention, please? Hey, I did some digging.

Withdrawal slip from Zero Adams’ custodial account the day of the murder. How much? $102,000 even. Who are the signatories? Zero Adams and Frank Samuels. MAN: Uh, this is not my signature. This is Zero’s account. I’m the custodian, but, um, I didn’t sign this. Adanto. That son of a… What? You knew about this? Indirectly. We had it out. Tell you something, you degenerate. All I’ve heard from you is how much money you blow day-trading, and now you want to touch your brother’s life savings? You can forget about it. Don’t you see? If I play perfect blackjack, there is no way we can lose… There is no perfect blackjack. I’m going to need, uh, a sample of… of your handwriting. Also need a sample from Zero. Just copy this? Yes. MAN: London Letters is one of my favorite standard writing tests. Uh, the paragraph has every capital letter in the alphabet, as well as numbers one through nine. Just tell me who’s lying. Uh, okay.

Uh, Zero’s not. Uh, his signature is authentic. Proof is in the “Z.” Okay, uh, look at the “F” in “Frank Samuels” from the withdrawal slip, and then look at the “F” from the London Letters. Different. As well as the “S” in “Samuels,” and the “S” in “Switzerland.” Again, way off. I hate to tell you, Warrick, but I think your guardian might be telling you the truth. And from what I can see, Zero didn’t forge it. Well, then who did? Adanto? Without a sample, I can’t tell you. Start talking. The blood Nick and Sara found in the back of the bus– consistent with the victim. Not a surprise. Semen found in the back of the bus matches your bus driver’s DNA. Also, not a surprise. Try this one. Bus driver’s DNA has 13 alleles in common with the victim’s unborn fetus. I don’t believe you. She was pregnant. 12 weeks. And you’re the father.

Your attorney has reviewed your case file. It’s in there. STOKES: When he said he expected something on top of his $11.65 an hour, I thought he was talking about free car washes. There’s no evidence of anti- or paramortem rape. He’ll claim it was consensual. It’s still rape. Under color of authority. She swore she couldn’t have kids. Too many turns at the coat hanger. Her words. Yeah. I imagine that you were pissed off when she broke the news. It kind of changes the power dynamics. STOKES: And she blabs to the warden. He’s demoted from officer to inmate. That is murder. I swear, I had no idea. Doug, let me handle this. If the DA had sufficient evidence to file murder charges, he would have. Well, your client’s already been charged with a felony. DA has all the time in the world.

Look, I can’t fight the evidence. Doug, Doug, would you be quiet? Look, I got her pregnant. I admit it. I’ll do the time, okay? But you can’t prove that I killed her because I didn’t. How’s the knife handle coming? Handled. The substance Grissom scraped off was interior latex house paint with titanium dioxide. That would be glossy, right? Mm-hmm. What’s house paint doing on a knife handle? 1984, William Bergstrom asked old man Binion if he could come into his casino and bet a million dollars on one roll of craps. That November, he put a briefcase full of $1 million on the “don’t pass” line, rolled a seven on the come-up. Loser. Soon after that, he killed himself. So, what are you getting at? If the wounds couldn’t have been made by a handheld knife, maybe the knife wasn’t handheld. How else are you going to stab a guy? Well, put the evidence aside for a second.

What was Adanto’s state of mind? You’ve had a few bad runs. Guy comes into town, convinces his brother to invest in some two-bit double-up system, ends up losing his life savings in a ten-card 21. In a word: desperate. So put that into context with your evidence. Greg. Do you think skin cells can survive 50 miles of rough desert road? That’s what I asked you. I analyzed every strip of fabric from the bus’ chassis. Zilch. But I’m a guy who likes to tie up loose ends, so I asked Doc Robbins to send over the scraps that were tied to the body parts. That’s where I found them. Fresh, abraded epithelials. So, if the epithelial DNA matches the bus driver, this case is closed. One problem. Double “X” marks the spot. It’s female DNA? Well, I guess we’re looking at an inmate.

Or female staff. Excuse me. Am I interrupting? Oh, not if the vic’s skull is in that bag. Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Horatio. The occipital bone retained the shape of the murder weapon. Desperation. ( gasping softly ) No way we can lose. ( voices overlapping ) This is Vegas. Anything can happen. ( grunting ) ( shouting ) I found a way to make us some money. We’re going to be rich like we always talked about. I love you, kid. I love you, too. ( grunts ) He killed himself? I’m afraid so. No. Why would he do that? Your brother took out an insurance policy with an accidental death clause. It means that if he was murdered, the beneficiary would be entitled to a million dollars. You’re the beneficiary. Unfortunately, the coroner is going to rule the case a suicide.

.. and not a homicide, which makes that policy worthless. I-I was just trying to help my brother. Oh… I want Frank. Listen to me. Frank will be facing charges of obstructing justice. Do you understand? The court will appoint you another guardian. No, I don’t want another guardian. I want Frank! ( whimpers ) I’m sorry. STOKES: This program is scanning the topography of the skull and building a three-dimensional image based on the data. It should be done in a second, but you can already see two concentric arcs. Inner arc is impressed just a little bit deeper into the skull. Check it out. Like a crater in a crater. Yeah. Can you enlarge to full screen? There. Small… evenly spaced indentations on the edge of the inner arc. I know what that is. Skinny-ass feather worth as much trouble dead as she was alive? I didn’t ask her to move in here.

No one asked you. So, Warden, Baby Girl was transferred to this cell about a week ago? That’s right. Where was she last housed? “D” block. White fibers. Warden, how often do the inmates have their laundry washed? Twice a week: one day for colors, one day for whites. Tomorrow’s a white day. You don’t mind if I empty out your laundry bag, do you? Juanita, would you remove your shoes, please? WARDEN: Now. The other. A lock in a sock. Juanita, I read your rap sheet. Possession with intent to sell. Your old man was using you as a drug meal, right? He was supposed to protect me. He said if I got caught, he’d take the fall. After the raid, he disappeared. Vanished. I get locked up. I should’ve known better. ( sighs ): Well… my ex drained my bank account. I was saving up for this nice little house for my daughter and me, and… As soon as you let ’em in, huh? Gets lonely in prison, doesn’t it? Was it the first time you had a relationship with a woman? Tattoo. Baby Girl had the other half.

I’m not… like that. It wouldn’t be the first time to cross gender lines in search of some… affection. It was the first time I felt that way about anyone. And Baby Girl ended up pregnant. It’s not like she could hide that from you. She said she had the flu. Yeah, right. ( gagging ) That’s what you get for lying to me, for sneaking around. I was just playing him, Juana. I was doing it for us. You’re a liar! Want to know the truth, Juanita? In one month, I am out of this hole… and away from you. And then, later that night, she said she was sorry, and we made up. The next day, she got the warden to transfer her… out of our cell. She wasn’t playing Doug. She was playing me. So you killed her? She promised to end it with Doug. ( moaning ) ( screams ) You tied her body to the undercarriage of the bus and assumed we’d think that she died while attempting to escape.

.. right? If there’s one thing I learned in prison… it’s to stick up for myself… because nobody else will. I think that you should know that Baby Girl was telling the truth about the transfer. It wasn’t her request. It was Warden Hutton’s decision. She was caught trying to smuggle in this necklace and was reprimanded. I’m guessing it was for you. ( gasps ) Captioning sponsored by CBS, C.S.I. PRODUCTIONS Captioned by Media Access Group at WGBH access.wgbh.org.

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