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A bad audio recording from a mobile phone can frustrate your plans to create a great video and if you’ve tried to fix the problem using editing software you know it can take hours of unnecessary work. Stick around I’ll show you a fail safe setup that gives you a quality audio recording and speeds up your editing time without the need to synchronize audio tracks from a recorder. G’day, my name is Gary and you’re watching the channel dedicated to take the confusion out of setting up your audio gear so you can concentrate more on using your talents to create great videos.

Audio inputs on mobile phones have limitations because they are built into the device along with a lot of electrically noisy parts. By connecting a microphone digitally to your mobile- that is to use the digital input instead of the headset connection you improve the chance of recording clearer sound because the processing of the audio signal is done outside your mobile. Zoom Handy Recorders like this H5 have a function you can select called audio interface and this allows you to connect it to your mobile or computer with the ability to plug in a whole array of microphones that you normally would not be able to. These are the items you will need to connect it to an iPhone or iPad. The Zoom recorder, the supplied usb lead and a usb camera adapter. This is how you setup the Zoom H5 recorder- Switch on the Recorder and press the menu button move through the options and select USB.

Now move the indicator and select- audio interface. Select- Stereo then iPad. Connect the supplied usb lead into the recorder and the other end into the iPhone/ iPad camera adapter. Before you start recording you need to select the mic inputs you are going to use and adjust the level of the microphone volume. Remember not to raise it too much cause you will distort the recording. A good level is about -12dB on the meters and using a device like the Zoom H5 you can take advantage of the special features like audio compression that protects the mic from distorting anyway. Record a trial to test your levels and listen to the recording. The options are endless- You can use the stereo mics on the H5 or plug in a shotgun or some handheld mics and select one or all of them. How easy it that? If you would like some more information then check out the description below this video- and there is often some good discussion in the comments section so if you have some suggestions that have worked for you then share your ideas, We’d like to hear them. If you have got any questions about this setup make sure you type them in the comments section.

I try to reply as quickly as I can cause your support is important to me If this is the first time you have watched a video from our channel and you would like to learn more about sound gear in a simple and easy to understand format then go ahead and subscribe so you get a reminder when we upload more audio tips. You don’t have to be a sound engineer to learn the basics of improving your audio. Sound’s Easy, with Simple Audio Tips. Until next time, I’ll catch you later..

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